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Off Road Jack

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Going on an off-road adventure sure is exciting. It's always nice to get a quick relief from the city and to enjoy nature at its best. But, when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a shattered pinion, then it won't be so much fun anymore. You need to repair the part right then and there or you won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily, you're a DIYer and you can fix this problem very easily. But, the question is, do you have the right tools to get the job done? Field repair isn't the easiest thing, especially if you need to lift your vehicle to access the damaged part. This is where the off road jack comes in. With the help of this tool, you won't have to worry about lifting your vehicle securely to get started with your repairs. Here's a quick guide on everything that you need to know about off road jacks.

General description

Also known as the walking-beam jack, hi-lift jack, farm jack, beam jack, or beam-type jack, an off road jack is a very versatile tool that needs very little maintenance. Do not be fooled by its simple appearance and mechanism. Though it only has a few moving parts and it looks rather small, this tool actually offers amazing lift range and capacity. It works by using two sticks in a hole and one moves right next to it. The pin inside the hole is the one that holds the weight of the vehicle.

Using an Off Road Jack

Step 1: To get started, get some wheel chocks and place them in front and behind the tires that won't be lifted.

Step 2: Next, place the jack on a stable surface, making sure that the runner faces the vehicle's bumper. Once it's settled, push the reversing latch up to activate the lift mode.

Step 3: Face the vehicle and stand behind the off road jack before pulling the jack handle and releasing it from the bar.

Step 4: Next, push and pull the handle until you are able to lift the vehicle to your desired height. Once you're happy about it, push the handle towards the jack bar and make sure the clip snaps in place.

Step 5: If you're finished with the repairs and you want to lower the vehicle back down, find the reversing lever and set it to the down position. Free the handle from the jack bar by pulling it.

Step 6: Then, push the handle up and down and repeat doing this until the wheels of the vehicle reach the ground.

Safety tips

  • Before you jack the vehicle up, make sure the parking brakes are on.
  • The wheel on the ground should be chocked properly to keep your vehicle from rolling.
  • When handling an off road jack, don't forget to wear gloves.
  • Be careful with its handle because it can snap upwards without warning.
  • Use jack stands for support. If unavailable, use logs, spare tires, or rocks.anything that is sturdy enough to support the weight of your ride.

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