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  • Procedures for Resetting Some of the Dashboard Warning Lights of the Oldsmobile Alero

    The Oldsmobile Alero is a compact car that went into production from 1998 up to 2004 as the company\'s last effort to produce a decent vehicle before it goes out of business. Despite going out of production more than a decade ago, it\'s still being used by a lot of drivers at the present time. Because of the advancing years, it\'s not really surprising for some units of this vehicle to reach the point where they need to be serviced in order to keep working properly. Drivers have probably seen one or two warning lights flash on their dashboard over the course of their Oldsmobile Alero\'s service life. And if you\'re among them, perhaps you\'ve done any of the procedures below:

    Understanding dashboard warning lights

    From engine malfunction to improper battery charge level, the dashboard warning lights of the Oldsmobile Alero are useful for notifying the driver of budding automotive issues that may render the car useless. They\'re connected to a set of sensors and electronic circuits that are designed to monitor the condition of the vehicle. When one of these lights flashes on, the source of the problem must be diagnosed and fixed before it gets worse. However, aside from repairing the issue, it\'s also important to reset the warning light to stop it from flashing needlessly.

    The resetting procedures vary for every warning light, and it\'s absolutely vital to know the proper method for each one of them to prevent making mistakes while attempting to do the job. Some of the most searched Oldsmobile Alero light reset procedures are for its check engine and oil change reminder.

    Turning off the change oil light

    The Oldsmobile Alero is equipped with a change oil reminder that\'s programmed to light up once the car has travelled a total distance of 3000 miles. For all Oldsmobile Alero models, it\'s necessary to start the resetting procedure by putting the car in the \"On\" position without starting its engine. The key should be placed in the ignition and turned twice to the right to do this.

    After putting the car on a key-on and engine-off state, the next resetting procedures will vary depending on the year and model of the Oldsmobile Alero. In most cases, flooring the accelerator three times every five seconds is enough to reset the light. However, there are certain units with a reset button that should be pressed a few times until the change oil light turns off. Some of these units include those that were manufactured from the year 1999 to 2001.

    Resetting the check engine light

    From faulty oxygen sensors to a broken catalytic converter, there are many reasons why the check engine light may illuminate. In order to turn it off, the main engine computer that\'s controlling it should be reset. The task starts with simply popping up the hood of the Oldsmobile Alero and locating its battery. The negative cable, which is usually black in color, should be detached from the battery using a wrench. The metal clamp on its end must be completely wrapped in a towel and placed away from the battery post. Leaving it unhooked for ten minutes is enough to reset the main engine computer, ultimately turning the check engine light off.