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We pride ourselves on having the best selection of Painless parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit Painless products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of Painless parts or choose from the list below.

Painless Brand Articles

  • Painless Performance: Electrifying Rides Since 1990

    Needless to say, electricity plays a vital role in making vehicles operate properly. The current flows throughout the system to be able to make the light bulbs work, spark plugs generate the jolt, the starter to wake the engine up, and many more. But when the vehicle is modified to run faster and harder, there might be a need to generate more electricity to keep up. However, stock wiring and other electrical equipment might not be able to handle the load. They would end up being burned therefore compromising the normal engine operations. This is where Painless Performance comes in.

    Looking back at the \'90s

    Painless Performance started out as an effort by Dennis Overholser to earn money out of a few wiring harnesses. He sold his products in Cresson, Texas under the name Perfect Performance Products. Through his ingenuity and perseverance, the harness caught the attention of automotive enthusiasts looking for suitable equipment for their builds. Its reputation grew in the community because it was fairly easy to install and it was able to handle the demands of the performance vehicles. Overholser then decided to use the Painless moniker after the remark made by Hot Rod Mechanix Magazine writer Tex Smith. Mr. Smith said of the harness: \"This is really painless wiring!\" Years later, its popularity continued to expand making Painless a household brand among hot rodders and other enthusiasts. The people behind the brand now are continuously making an effort to preserve the reputation and quality it has gained from its humble beginnings in the \'90s.

    Performance wiring harness

    The wiring harness links the energy sources to the corresponding components that needs to be powered up by electricity. This includes spark plugs, light bulbs, air conditioner, wipers, radio, and many more. While the Painless wiring harness can be a suitable replacement for the old harness found in the vehicle, it can possibly improve electricity distribution throughout the vehicle.

    Computer modules

    These days, computer modules are integrated into vehicles to be able to improve engine performance through precision and consistency. While a mechanical set-up is very much straightforward and easier to address, the Painless Performance Custom Flashed Computer allows custom calibration that can suit the preference of the car owner. It fits perfectly to vehicles that are used as daily drivers throughout the week with the occasional trips on the speedway as a weekend warrior. More than that, this can be used along with the Painless fuel injection harness. Once the module is integrated to the system, the owner will have the chance to calibrate the engine, transmission, cooling system, and a few other areas.

    Alternator wiring kits

    The alternator is responsible for supporting the car battery in supplying the systems with the much needed charge. But as vehicles are modified further, even parts like the alternator are upgraded to be able to fill in the requirements. Because of an increase in electrical output, it is also recommended to use the Painless alternator wiring kit to be able to handle the current coming from a powerful alternator. This way, electricity within the vehicle can be optimized without the risk of damaging the wires.