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JC Whitney offers a wide range of Peugeot parts and Peugeot accessories. Choose from the products or categories below to narrow the available selection of Peugeot parts. With our industry leading 30-day Guarantee on all of our Peugeot parts and accessories, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Peugeot and the French Auto Connection

    The automotive marque Peugeot has been one of the pioneers in the French automobile scene. This mom and pop company became involved with manufacturing when the Peugeot family converted its grain mill into a steel foundry in 1810. Peugeot parts produced that time were meant for dressmaking, saws, and watches. It was only eight decades after when the French company decided to venture in the transportation industry. From that point, the marque has been an undying presence in the industry providing quality cars and Peugeot parts all around the world.

    The birth of the French automobiles

    After decades of being involved in the manufacturing industry, Peugeot stepped up to the next level. The dawn of the 20th century was a time for revolution in the transportation and manufacturing industry. Different automotive marques were beginning to market their designs to the public. In 1891, the Peugeot Type 3 was introduced and became the first series-manufactured car in the world. In the following years, the same vehicle became the first car to be driven in Italy. By 1896, Peugeot became independent from its mother company.

    As Societe Anonyme Des Automobile Peugeot, the company was already capable of producing engines out of Peugeot car parts. The sales grew in the next few years and even got the company into making motorcycles. In 1910, Societe Anonyme Automobiles and Cycles was formed as the result of merger by Les Fils de Peugeot Freres and Armand Peugeot. Despite changes and developments throughout history, the marque has been able to weather through the decades. Here are some cars that have been conceived throughout Peugeot\'s history:

    1948 Peugeot 203

    After the Second World War, the marque returned to the manufacturing of automobiles. The introduction of the 1948 Peugeot 203 signaled the marque\'s reemergence in the post-war automotive industry. It is a four-door sedan equipped with 1300 cc engine (capable of 44 hp) mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The 203 is a slow car by today\'s standards but nevertheless, it became a sign of hope for the war-torn France.

    1960 Peugeot 404

    As the French automotive industry entered the 1960s, new styling trends have set in. Differences between American and European design were starting to become more apparent and defined. While American cars went all out in terms of displacements and presence, the likes of the 1960 Peugeot 404 looked more subtly elegant in smaller frames. A 1.6-liter straight four engine was dropped in to power this four-door sedan. It produced 68 horses and 94 lb ft of torque, enough to power the 404 for a decent drive. In Europe, it was tastefully design model enough to general Peugeot accessories and Peugeot spare parts.

    The Peugeot RCZ

    The RCZ is Peugeot\'s present entry to the sports coupe segment. Its sleek modern styling bares similarities with the Audi TT. The smooth sloping roof induces better air flow while the lines on the body give a rejuvenating sporty vibe to the deserving driver. Its ground clearance lowers the center of gravity for better handling. The RCZ R is packed with 270 horses despite running only on a 1.6-liter turbocharged power plant. It\'s enough to propel the RCZ from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.9 seconds. RCZ enthusiasts around the world will greatly benefit if there are Peugeot parts online for this model.