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There's no better way to recuperate from the physical and postural torments of a hard day's work than resting and sleeping. That's the reason even vehicles are outfitted with different types of allow passengers to rest well while on the move and for them to have a more comfortable and less-tiring journey, particularly on long drives.

If you're planning to get some for your ride, here are the common types of pillows usually fitted in a car's interior:

Neck pillow

Shaped to fill the space under the neck and head, this pillow helps stabilize the person's neck while travelling. It is also advisable for people with cervical spine problems as it keeps the neck in proper alignment with the spine. That's the reason these are otherwise called cervical or orthopedic pillows. The neck pillow is contoured like a bone, with deeper recess right where the head lies to support the neck.

The neck pillow is usually fitted on the space between the seat's back and head rests but it can be moved to your desired position and location just in case you are shorter or taller and the pillow doesn't meet your neck well.

Travel or u-shaped pillow

The "U" shaped pillow is contoured to snugly fit the neck. It supports the head while sitting, preventing it from bending too far to the side when the person falls asleep while traveling. The said pillow also takes on some of the head's weight, so the muscles are more relaxed while keeping your head up to give you a comfortable sleep even when you're in a sitting position.

Lower-back-support pillows

If you've just said yes to a long distance drive with your family, you'd better add some lower back support pillows into your ride's interior. Such pillows are mainly designed to fill the gap between the body's lower spine and the chair to help support the inward curve in your lumbar spine. You see, sitting for long hours without any support on your lower back can lead to muscle tension, which results in lower back pain and discomfort on the legs.

With such pillows for each of your passengers, you can help give them a comfortable long-distance trip without the need to stop frequently just so they can stand up for a while to lessen muscle tension. When their body's lumbar curve is well supported, the gravity's downward forces are taken up by the pillow, so your passengers won't arrive at your destination feeling so haggard.

Donut-shaped pillow

This is also a good addition in the car especially if you regularly have an older passenger like your parents or if your family has the habit of going to long-distance drives during weekends for camping or sightseeing. The donut-shaped pillow has either a hole or a depression in the middle and is positioned on the seat to help a person sit for long periods with much lesser pressure in the tailbone. This pillow is a must for people who are suffering from coccygeal pain or have an injured tailbone.