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Pontiac Bonneville Parts And Pontiac Bonneville Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Pontiac Bonneville parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Pontiac Bonneville to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Pontiac Bonneville Parts

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  • Issues that Pontiac Bonneville Owners Will Understand

    The Pontiac Bonneville has enjoyed continuous production for almost 50 years until its discontinuation in 2005. It was first designed to be one of the marque\'s full-size cars during the golden age of American automobiles. Elaborate art deco cues were integrated into it for an elegant piece of machinery. Through the years, the car has adapted to the evolving trends in the automotive world. This included changes in body lines, powertrain packages, creature comforts, and many more. But in owning the Bonneville, it is almost certain that owners will experience some issues as well. Here are some of them:

    The unexpected rainwater leaks in the interior

    The interior space of the Pontiac Bonneville is the area where the driver and passengers would want to sit comfortably during any journey. This is also the place where most controls and entertainment features are located. For these reasons, the interior needs to be secured and free from any outside elements. These things can cause unwanted damage, stains, and can also speed up the wear and tear process. When it happens, vehicles can lose their aesthetic appeal as well as integrity and functionality of parts that can be found inside. The need for quality protective components is definitely important. However, the effectiveness of these parts can sometimes become questionable.

    It has been noted that owners of Pontiac Bonnevilles would encounter rain water leaking into the cabin. This gets alarming as the leaks can yield substantial amount of liquid when the vehicle is exposed under the rain. There is a need to examine the condition of the weather strips mounted all around the openings of the vehicle. If the car is already of age, the rubber mounted on the spaces might already have gone brittle rendering it useless during rains. The set should be replaced immediately to secure the interior from leaks. After the installation, the car should still be checked for possible leaks in other areas.

    The development of knocking sounds in the engine

    The engine is considered to be the heart of the vehicle. However, there are cases when the engine of the Pontiac Bonneville seems to be acting up. It might end up producing knocking sounds that can scare a whole lot from the driver. Upon the development of this sound, the engine should be diagnosed as soon as possible. It could be the harmonic balancer, push rod, crankshaft pulley or some other parts in the block. If these parts are already shot, the owner would have to replace them and tune the engine for an improved performance.

    The power windows start becoming dysfunctional

    There are also reports that some Bonnevilles are notorious because of dysfunctional power windows. This restricts the driver and the passengers from rolling down the windows to catch some fresh air during drives. The problem is usually caused by a broken window motor or cables connecting it to the rest of the automotive electrical system. The faulty part would have to be removed and replaced to make the windows work again.