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Below you'll find a wide variety of Pontiac Vibe parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Pontiac Vibe to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • How to Deal with the Knocking Noise that Youve Been Hearing from Your Pontiac Vibe

    Have you been hearing an annoying knocking noise from the dashboard of your Pontiac Vibe? This extremely disturbing sound most likely indicates a problematic component inside your car\'s dashboard. If you\'re tired of listening to this noise, then you should get to the bottom of the problem as soon as you can. The diagnostic and repair procedures that you have to perform may be done at the comfort of your own garage without the additional expense of a mechanic\'s labor fee. If you want to get this task done in no time, check out these useful tips for a hassle-free repair and diagnosis process:

    Track down the component that\'s producing the noise

    A vehicle\'s dashboard is not supposed to produce any noise. So, if you\'ve been hearing knocking ones from your Pontiac Vibe\'s dash, then it\'s highly likely that one of the components inside it has now succumb to damage. Don\'t worry! You\'re not the only one who\'s suffering from this annoying dilemma. Other Pontiac Vibe owners have also complained about hearing knocking noise from their dashboard over the past years, and there\'s a high possibility that these sound is caused by a faulty air recirculation actuator.

    The air recirculation actuator of your Pontiac Vibe basically controls the flow of fresh air inside the cabin. Just like other parts of your vehicle, this simple component is also bound to get damaged after some time. The air recirculation actuator produces the alarming noise that you\'re hearing from the dashboard the moment that it breaks down. If you want to verify whether or not this component is indeed the root cause of your problem, then you should observe the temperature inside your car\'s cabin. You may also disassemble the entire dashboard in order to physically inspect the air recirculation actuator of your Pontiac Vibe.

    Get rid of the faulty car part straight away

    The only way to permanently get rid of the knocking noise that you\'ve been hearing is to replace the faulty air recirculation actuator on your Pontiac Vibe. Getting unhindered access to this component may really become challenging especially with all the complex wirings and components that you may need to remove. However, you can make this step a lot easier to accomplish by simply preparing all the things that you need before opening up the dashboard of your car. Some of the tools that you might need include a set of screwdrivers, ratchets, and sockets. Once you have all these materials at hand, pop up the hood of your Pontiac Vibe and unplug the negative cable from its battery to keep yourself from getting electrocuted. You should remove the dashboard next using the right set of hand tools. Make sure that you don\'t misplace any mounting hardware since you\'ll need them again later for reinstallation. Carefully remove all the electronic components that are in the way. Once you\'ve accessed the faulty air recirculation actuator, disconnect the electrical wirings that are attached to it before pulling it out of the dashboard.

    Replace the damaged component with a new one as soon as possible

    After removing the faulty air recirculation actuator out of the dashboard, you may now install the new one into place. Make sure that you reattach all the electrical connectors that you removed earlier. Reinstall the dashboard back into place, and don\'t forget to reconnect your vehicle\'s negative battery cable. Turn on the engine of your Pontiac Vibe and listen carefully if the knocking noise has been eliminated.