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So your ride comes with manual windows? Don't fret as you aren't forever stuck with that. With a power window kit, you can now upgrade your manual into power windows and take pleasure in having convenience features such as roll-up windows and car alarm system. This conversion will also save you from having to turn a hard-to-reach crank every time you need to move the window glass up or down because power windows allow you to do this action with just a mere press of a button.

However, manual-to-power windows conversion isn't as easy as it may sound. The job can be complicated because besides replacing your window mechanism with the ones included in the power window kit, you also need to run several wires that are necessary for the proper functioning of the power window mechanisms.

If you're planning to do the conversion all by yourself, here are some tips to bear in mind before starting off with the task:

Make sure to choose the right kit.

Not all manual window mechanisms are the same; they may vary from one vehicle model to another. Power window conversion kits also vary from one manufacturer to another, so before getting one for your ride, make sure that it is specifically designed for your vehicle make and model. While universal power window kits can be used for any kind of vehicle, you may be required to do some adjustments and modifications just to make some of their components fit your window's specs.

A power window kit that's designed to work in your vehicle model also ensures compatibility with the rest of the vehicle components it has to work hand in hand with, making your converted windows work smoothly and more efficiently.

Double check the contents of the aftermarket power window kit.

This is especially true for those who have purchased their window conversion kit online. Since you won't be able to see the item while being packed, you have to check it right away once it arrives at your doorsteps. See to it that the kit you've ordered is exactly the one being delivered to you and all the components listed in the catalog are really included. Also, check the contents of the kit for factory defects. In case you've received a wrong kit or one with defects, let the store know right away so you'll be guided on how to return it. It is wise to go for a kit that includes window regulators with motors, wiring harness with plugs, template decal, and a switch kit.

Familiarize yourself with the entire process.

Once you're sure that you have the right power window kit, read the manual that comes with it to know all the tools you may need for the DIY project and to make yourself familiar with the entire process. By so doing, you'll be able to gauge if you can really do the task without the help of a pro. Thoroughly review the instructions as it can also help you decide how many hours you will need to complete the entire procedures.

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