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Auto mechanics rely on a good puller set for handling and removing various objects or auto parts, things that their bare hands can't deal with. Different types of puller can be used for retrieving things that are stuck in tight spots or crevices, narrow places that are too difficult to access by the hand or fingers. When soldering or subjecting metal pieces, gears, wires, or bearings into other processes, the puller is there to hold them. This is why a puller set is a must in any tool box to get things done easily and safely.

Different types of puller

Exhaust spring puller

The puller set may include an exhaust spring puller. This tool makes exhaust spring installation and removal a tad less difficult. This allows you to twist the spring and set it in place. It typically comes in a length that lets you reach deep into the springs while the handle provides leverage.

Clutch puller

This puller can safely and easily pull the drive clutch out. With this tool, what you get is precision. The best clutch pullers are made of high-grade steel that's heat-treated for increased durability. A precision-machined tool can best handle the clutch drive.

Slider hammer puller

The slider hammer puller can be used for handling and removing FWD hubs and rear axles. This tool makes the job so much simpler and easier even for a DIYer.

Seal puller

This puller comes handy when working on seals. The tip can be easily slipped behind the seal and, with less effort and time, the seal will come off.

Gear Puller

A puller set may include a tool for pulling various types of gears, such as those from the crankshaft. This puller comes in different designs, like ones that use jaws, have bolts, or feature other components.

Bearing puller

Although some may handle and remove bearings by hand, the work is so much easier with a bearing puller when removing ball bearings and other similar objects. This is best used on technical tasks and those that require a delicate hand.

Pulley puller

When working on alternators and power steering pulleys, the pulley puller would be the perfect tool for this job. This makes the process of installing and removing these components much simpler.

Some tips and reminders

  • The puller set must include specific types of pullers and tools that you'll need for common automotive tasks. Familiarize yourself with the different kinds of pullers and know how each is used.
  • The pullers in the set must be made using high-grade materials to ensure utmost stability when performing tasks such as installation and removal. They shouldn't bend easily or should be able to provide a tight grip, especially when pulling out objects from a tight spot.
  • The pullers should be easy to use. They should have convenient handles and tight grips. Using them shouldn't be rocket science but something that can make the whole thing simpler, easier, and safer.
  • Pullers shouldn't make you break a sweat when using them. They should be used with ease and less effort.