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Rain gear, rain suit, rain jacket and it whatever you want. It doesn't matter what color or style of rain wear you choose, as long as it won't get you wet as you ride the motorcycle in rain or snow. It should also be comfortable for you to wear so you can easily glide with the motorcycle even with rain drops or snow flakes falling on you. To help you find the right rain wear, here are some tips:

Use a size chart or measurement guide to pick a rain suit that perfectly fits.

Don't get a size too small or too big for your body. The rain suit should fit just right so you'll be comfortable to move around in it as it keeps you clean and dry. Rain suit sizes may range from S to 4XL. Don't just base the size on the size of your shirt, jacket, or pants. Use a sizing guide to be sure. For jackets, specific measurements include the chest, below arm hole (49 in. to 64 in.), length of sleeve (35 in. to 39.5 in.), relaxed waist (28 in. to 38 in.), and stretched waist (46 in. to 61 in.). For the pants, detailed measurements include the relaxed waist (20 in. to 42 in.), stretched waist (40 in. to 60 in.), and inseam (30 in. to 33.5 in.). The measurement range is just an example of the available sizes. This varies depending on the suit.

Choose a complete rain suit or separate piece for the pants or jacket.

The rain wear comes in a one-piece or two-piece rain suit. You also have the option to buy a separate jacket or pants. A complete rain suit guarantees a consistent design, making sure that both the top and bottom complement each other not only in terms of style but also in fit and rain protection. If you want some mix and match, you can buy a separate rain jacket and pair it with your waterproof pants. Whatever suit you'll settle with, make sure that it's also styled with comfort and convenience in mind. Colors for the rain suit may be plain, classic black, or different combinations such as black-blue, black-red, and black-yellow.

Pick a rain wear that's 100% waterproof.

Be a little bit more thorough with your search for the perfect rain suit. Make sure that you won't get soaked no matter how hard it rains. The suit may be made of nylon fabric that's water- and wind-resistant or may have soft polyester for its outer shell. A rain suit with a heavy-duty PVC material is also a good choice. The suit should be breathable and should have a solid backing and lining.

Get a rain wear that's not only comfortable but also practical.

You don't want any trouble wearing the suit. With this in mind, the jacket should be easy to zip. It would also be nice if it has a storm-proof flap. Pockets would be a practical feature for keeping your phone or any small items. Other jacket designs include cooling vents under the arm and a removable or integrated hood so that water won't drip into your neck and back. Comfortable rain jackets have elastic cuffs and a lined collar. For the pants, it's nice to have an elastic waist band or drawstring waist and adjustable cuffs. For nighttime driving, reflective stripes or piping on the suit would increase visibility and make it safer for you to ride the motorcycle.