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With a remote starter, you can easily warm up or cool down your car's passenger cabin even before you step inside. Just push a button and this radio-controlled device automatically switches on your vehicle's heating or cooling system. So as you step inside your car, the temperature inside is just need for you to wait a few minutes until it's warm or cool enough inside. But what if this gadget suddenly stops working properly? You push the button, but the car doesn't seem to respond. Don't worry; problems like this are quite common and very easy to fix. Here are some tips on how you can get a faulty remote starter up and running in no time:

Problem: The car won't respond.

This issue can be caused by several things:

  • Out-of-starter-range operation. A possible reason why your car won't respond to the remote starter is if it's outside the starter's range operation. If you are too far away from the car, the starter won't work. So check your starter's manual to confirm its operating range. There are also cases wherein certain objects can cause interference. If this is the culprit, figure out the object that's causing the interference and try to get rid of it or park your car somewhere else.
  • Faulty receiver. A faulty receiver can also be a possible culprit. Check the receiver and look out for unhinged receiver wires. If the wires are unhinged, reconnect them and see if the car responds.
  • Open hood. To prevent you from accidentally starting your car when the hood is open, the hood is equipped with a safety pin switch. This switch won't allow you to remote start your car if the hood is open. So check if the hood is properly closed and try to remote start your car again.

Problem: The car responds, but won't complete the start cycle.

Another common issue with radio-controlled starters, there are several possible culprits behind this:

  • Dead starter battery. If your car responds as you press the remote starter button but only for a few seconds, check your starter's LED light. If this light won't switch on, the battery is probably dead. The solution here is to get a new battery.
  • Immobilizer system. If you hear a noise when you press the starter button but the car won't start completely, it's possible that your vehicle's immobilizer system is triggered. And once this is triggered, it will prevent any attempt to remotely start your car because it's designed to prevent vehicle theft. Check with your vehicle's manual if it's equipped with this gadget. If it has a factory built anti-theft system, you need to override it with a transponder that will bypass the immobilizer system. Fortunately, transponder systems are quite affordable and can be easily installed on your vehicle.

If, after trying out these tips, your car still won't respond to your remote starter, have a professional take a look at it. It's possible that the starter wasn't properly installed or the starter itself is defective. If that's the case, reinstall it or have a faulty starter replaced by the manufacturer.