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If you frequently take your vehicle off-roading, you're probably no stranger to injuries because even if you're inside your ride, you can't stop dirt and debris from flying off and hitting you. Other times, the harsh terrain can cause your vehicle to make sudden, jerking movements and the force causes you to hit parts of your body onto the different components in your ride. As your ride takes a good beating, you also take one yourself and you end up with scratches, bumps, bruises, cuts, and other sorts of injuries as a souvenir from the trip. However, did you know that you could actually minimize these injuries with the help of some simple accessories? One good example is the rock door. Since your vehicle's stock or factory door may not be up to task, this component can provide you with an added level of protection. It's also an easy way to customize your vehicle's looks. And lastly, it can make you see the trail better, giving you an unparalleled view of your surroundings. To learn more about useful and helpful accessory, here's a quick guide that can help you out.


Since they need to be strong and durable, the tubes that make up the rock door are typically made using heavy-duty steel material. These are usually accompanied by woven nylon web inserts that have additional padding to give you extra protection. The nylon inserts will repel trail debris to prevent them from hitting you while the pad will provide you with a cushion to minimize your injuries as you drive.


Rock doors usually come in black, but you can choose from different types of finishes like powercoated, matte, etc. Some doors are even textured, giving that rugged feel. Make sure you choose something that matches not only your preference, but the overall look of your ride.

Features and Benefits

  • Door height - Rock doors are designed with just the right height to provide you with driving comfort.
  • Increased visibility - A rock door will give you a better view of the trail that you are traversing, so you could maneuver and steer your vehicle to the right direction faster and more efficiently. This also improves your view of your surroundings, which is one of the most enjoyable things to see when off-roading.
  • Security - Rocks doors are designed to have reliable locking mechanisms that will make you more secure during your drives.
  • Additional storage - Some rocks doors come with storage space provisions for simple items like maps and this allows you to conveniently bring and use your stuff whenever you need them.
  • Customization - Replacing your stock door with a rock door will definitely give your vehicle a major makeover. This accessory is a good way to achieve that rugged, outdoorsy, and off-roading vibe in your ride.


For seamless fit, always choose direct fit rock doors for your vehicle. Direct fit products don't need any modifications, making installation easy and quick.


To make sure you get a good rock door from a trustworthy brand, be prepared to spend around $250 to $500.

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