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Rocker Panel Guards

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When your vehicle runs at highway speeds or travels through deep grooves or rough terrains, do you ever think about how the rocker panels can be easily exposed to sludge, water, dirt, kicked-up debris, and tire-thrown sticks and stones? You wouldn't have to worry about the lower section of the automobile body or the vehicle's lower side profile if your vehicle has rocker panel guards, which serve as a second layer of protection against paint chips and scratches that can lead to rust and corrosion ruining the metal underneath. Rocker panel guards are neat additions to your vehicle. Not only do they protect the vehicle body but they can also give your ride a new sense of style.

Some things to keep in mind when shopping for rocker panel guards

  • These guards will be exposed to harsh road elements such as dirt, debris, sludge, water, mud, and moisture. With this in mind, you should set your sights on guards that are durable and long-lasting.
  • They make great exterior accessories. They can make the vehicle look more rugged or more capable of handling rough road conditions. Choose guards that offer not only superior rocker protection but also a great look to your vehicle with the right color/finish and design.
  • These accessories are used to protect the rocker panels or that area below the door. In doing so, you don't want these rocker panel accessories to sacrifice ground clearance.
  • Rocker panel guards can also provide protection to the lower sills if they're used with optional skid plates. Consider this when shopping for these items.
  • These accessories may be installed without any modification. Others, however, may require you to drill so they can be fixed onto the vehicle body using some bolts or fasteners. Some rocker panel guard designs require you to weld over the rocker panel. There are actually different ways to install these guards. Take note of the installation requirements when you browse through your options so that you'll know if this is something you can handle as a DIYer or if it's a job for a mechanic or auto body expert.
  • These rocker guards are available as direct-fit auto body accessories. They're made to match the auto body specs of the vehicle. When shopping for these add-ons, use your complete vehicle details to search for panel guards that'll fit the lower side section of your vehicle. Be specific with the location of the guards, if they're for the front or rear section or the driver or passenger side. These can be sold in a complete set or per piece for your own convenience.
  • Rocker panel guards come in different colors and finishes and can be made of different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and steel. Know your options so that you can pick accessories that best match the design of your vehicle. For the color/finish, your options include: powdercoated black, textured black, polished, smooth black, powdercoated gloss black, matte black, gloss black, powdercoated wrinkled black, wrinkled black, and titanium powdercoated.