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You're excited to get to the campsite or parking ground, ready to go on a hike, swim in a nearby lake, or indulge in some outdoor fun. But just as this may be the beginning of an adventure, this can also be where the real problem for RVers can start. The uneven ground can cause more trouble than you can imagine. If the parked RV is not leveled, you don't only run the risk of sleeping with your feet higher than your head. Chances are, your refrigerator may be ruined with a cracked boiler. Other stuff inside your RV may roll or slide as well.

If you want the RV to be properly leveled, forget about using unstable wood scraps. Here are some RV level tools that you can use instead:

RV level blocks

Pieces of wood that are used to level the RV can be replaced with easy-to-assemble blocks. Unlike bulky wood scraps, these can be stacked safely and quickly. These durable blocks, which can hold up to 40,000 lbs. or more, can be placed under the wheels or under the jacks. Interlocking them is easy, so is disassembling them for storage, often in easy-zip nylon bags that come with the package. These blocks are fairly easy to clean and also quite affordable.

RV leveling jacks

RV level jacks vary in load capacity (from 5,000 to 7,500 lbs. for each jack, for instance) and come in different measurements for the base plate, extension, and collapsed total length. Some scissor leveling jacks are particularly designed for towable cargo or travel trailers. They stabilize or level the trailer. However, some of them won't necessarily hold the weight of the entire vehicle. They can't be used for changing tires or for carrying excessive weight off the ground. Jacks can be placed on the front or rear and may be adjusted for preventing side-to-side sway. They can be welded or bolted onto the frame. To lift or lower the jacks, a crank handle may be used.

Some jacks are powered by 12v outlet. Electrically powered tongue jacks can be operated and adjusted easily and can lift up to 3,500 lbs. The kit may include a side light, manual crank, and water seal and may be operated with a foot pad.

RV bubble level

RV bubble levels have a specially designed gauge for side-to-side and front-to-back leveling. The markings will let you know how many inches are needed for lifting or lowering the vehicle or trailer. These markings are very easy to read, allowing you to make instant adjustments for leveling the trailer or vehicle. This type of RV level may come with a number of sophisticated features that make RV leveling much easier and more accurate.

RV level systems come in different forms and configurations. Some can even be operated using a wireless remote control. They're available for wide-range applications. Find a leveling system that's compatible with your cargo trailer or vehicle, considering the maximum weight capacity, operating speed, system setup, and other smart features like built-in sway control.