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Saab Articles

  • Saab: From Aircrafts to Automobiles

    The Saab factory was built in 1938 not for automobiles but rather for bomber and fighter aircrafts that were used by the Royal Swedish Air Force during the World War II. It was in 1941 when Saab\'s first in-house designed aircraft got out of the assembly line and was given the Saab 17 designation. As the war came to an end, Saab ventured in the production of non-military aircraft, which included the Saab 90 (a passenger plane) and Saab 91 (a small, private plane).

    Saab also tried its luck in the automotive industry with the small, affordable car market as its niche. As a carmaker, Saab has introduced many industry firsts in its models, including the first Freon-free a/c system, compartment air/pollen filter, and Saab Active Head Restraint system.

    Saab 92: the brand\'s first production model

    Based on Ursaab prototype automobile, production of Saab\'s first model began in December 1949. It was given the Saab 92 designation and fitted with thoroughly tested Saab parts including the 750cc two-cylinder two-stroke engine that was transversely installed in front of the front axle. The passenger cabin was also designed like a safety cage to protect the passengers in case of accidents. The Saab 92 was then known to be one of the first vehicles ever to be designed with safety in mind. Through the mid 1950s, Saab was able to sell 20,000 Saab 92s.

    Saab 93: first Saab to be exported to the U.S.

    Introduced in August 1955, the 93 was designed as a response to the speculation from the press about the development of a three-cylinder, two-stroke engine. This model took pride in being the first Saab to be officially exported, primarily to the U.S. market. Three years after, Saab launched the Gran Turismo 750. It was a sporty and luxurious model that was aimed at US customers. This model was the first Saab to be equipped with seat belts.

    Saab 900: Saab\'s best-selling, most iconic model

    A replacement for the Saab 99, this model was released in 1979. It won\'t be iconic and a best seller for nothing.the Saab 900 was fitted with top-of-the-line parts and Saab accessories and another world first.the unique compartment air/pollen filter. Its 1983 models were among those Saabs that were fitted with asbestos-free brake linings. Moreover, the 1987 model was recognized as the first front-wheel-drive car to have ABS brakes while the 1994 900 SE models were the first ones to be powered by a V6 engine. During the 900\'s lifetime, there were 900, 000 units produced.

    Saab 9-3: rebadged Saab 900

    A product of rebadged engineering, there was not much to distinguish the 9-3 from the 900, saved for the grill and the location of the third brake light. The 9-3, however, has acquired another industry first.the ground-breaking Saab Active Head Restraint (SAHR) system. This model also received new Saab performance parts along with other 1,100 changes that were aimed to improve its handling characteristics.

    Saab 9-5: 50th anniversary (as automaker) edition

    Saab celebrated its 50th anniversary as a carmaker in 1997, and during its jubilee owner\'s convention, it has introduced the Saab 9-5. In this model, Saab retained its attention to safety along with other factors like the curved C-pillar and the vehicle\'s ergonomics. According to the data Euro NCCP, Folksam, and American HLDI, this Saab model was its generation\'s safest car to drive. Besides the return of some unique Saab parts and features like reverse gear lock and floor-mounted ignition, the 9-5 also introduced another industry first: the ventilated seats.

    Even if the make was discontinued, you can still get replacement for their stock components from dealers and merchants that sell Saab parts online and in brick-and mortar-stores.