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Saturn VUE Parts And Saturn VUE Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Saturn Vue parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Saturn Vue to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Saturn VUE Parts

Saturn VUE Articles

  • Keeping the Engine System of Your Saturn Vue In Check

    Your Saturn Vue won\'t be able to use its amazing components and features without a fully functioning Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Engine Control Module (ECM). The PCM acts as the brain of your engine system and manages everything from ignition timing and fuel mixture up to emissions control. It is also responsible for the Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) as well as the operations of the fuel pump, the cooling fan of your engine, and even the charging system, not to mention the stability control system, climate control module, body control module, and the anti-theft system. So if the PCM, in any case, malfunctions, serious issues with vehicle performance would definitely be observed.

    Faulty Engine Control Unit (ECU)

    The ECU is a major component of your vehicle\'s onboard computer and is crucial in making sure that your car runs in the first place. If your check engine light is continuously lit, the most probable cause would be a malfunctioning ECU. If your vehicle suddenly refuses to start, of course, the first things you need to check would be the battery, the starter, and other electrical components. But if everything appears to be working fine, then it\'s your ECU that is surely broken. With your vehicle no longer starting, then you really have no other choice now but to let a professional examine it.

    Electrical concerns

    Just because the PCM has control over your electrical system doesn\'t mean it\'s already protected from having electrical problems of its own. As your PCM has electronic components, it can and it will at some point succumb to electrical failures. It will encounter shorts that may overload it and damage it. It may have some issues with the power supply such as having too much or too little voltage; ground connections as well as bad input from other modules or sensors may also cause it to malfunction. The key to resolving PCM electrical issues is to not disregard them altogether. If your PCM is being erratic, see to it that you take time to check its electrical components and not just its computer aspect.

    Environmental effects

    Of course, like any other vehicle part, your PCM is no match for harmful environmental conditions. Letting it become exposed to excessive heat, corrosive agents, water, and even vibration would lead to its untimely demise. Some auto shops don\'t even attempt to fix a PCM once they learn that it has been submerged in flood since replacement is the only option. So make sure that you keep the PCM protected from such harmful elements.

    Correct PCM replacement

    When repairs can no longer revive your PCM, you\'ve got no other choice but to replace it. But make no mistake; replacing it isn\'t as easy as writing ABC. The replacement must be programmed specifically for your Saturn Vue; the year, engine, VIN, and other component systems must be encoded accurately in order for it to function properly. This process is not something you can just try doing; it requires a professional, so don\'t even attempt programming the new PCM yourself. And once the new one has been successfully installed, don\'t forget the relearn procedure that will enable the anti-theft system to get acquainted with the replacement PCM, which then will allow your engine to start again.