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  • What the Scion xB 686 Parklan Edition Has to Offer

    Talk about limited production runs of trendy vehicles. There are times when vehicles with a niche market need further boost to nail their mark on the scene. During these efforts, the marque might work together with a tuning shop or other brands to come up with a more appealing ride. The Scion xB 686 Parklan Edition is one of those kinds of vehicles. It is a product of the collaboration between Toyota\'s American sports compact vehicle brand and the apparel brand 686. The elements put into it seem to complement each other as both parties explore an outgoing lifestyle.

    Inspiration for collaborations

    Scion is not a stranger in the vehicle modification scene. The brand imbibes a very youthful energy that reflects on the designs used on the vehicles in its line-up. The vibe that people usually get from these rides entices them to make Scion their automaker of choice. Fortunately enough, Scion vehicles have attracted a number of yuppies as well as hobbyist that believed getting one would give them the right bang for the buck. From that point, models like the xB undergo a more personal transformation that would later on reflect the personality of their drivers. People would find that there are a handful of xB units that tend to look sportier while some run flushed with deep dish wheels.

    At present, there are a few that have even been made to go to car shows. Among the notable units are the 2014 Scion X Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB. It was created to look very much like the groovy American vans from the \'70s. It got loud colors, chrome grilles, and even Cragars wrapped in BFG\'s. On the other hand, two xB projects got their roofs chopped out for a fresher feel. One of the more recent builds-the 686 Parklan Edition-is coated in a metallic chocolate paint.

    The concept behind the xB 686 Parklan Edition

    It was not the first time Scion teamed up with 686. Back in 2011, the automaker and the apparel brand worked together to build a special xB dedicated to snowboarding. The launch of the Scion xB \"Numeric\" Edition at SEMA 2011 came in line with the 20th anniversary of 686. However, the blue-and-yellow model is the sole vehicle to be built that way.

    Unlike the one-off xB show cars that have been made previously, the 686 Parklan Edition was designed for limited production. People behind Scion believed this collaboration would be a meaningful send-off to the model. Before hitting the drawing board, the designers took an xB on a three-day road trip from California to Boston to get to know the xB and the 686 culture better. And the result was launched in September 2015.

    Model specifications

    This batch of xB units was made to showcase different materials and components used by the apparel maker for sporty applications. This includes zippered pockets, all-weather mats, and outerwear fabric. Its exterior is sprayed with Cocoa Bean Metallic paint with red pinstripe accents. Complementing the body are 16-inch black alloy wheels with stamped 686 logos. Mechanicals are unchanged but the units only come in automatic.