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Is it time to hit the great outdoors once again? Aside from your vehicle, you'd better get your screen enclosure ready days before your scheduled camp out or RVing with your family or friends. Take it out of the box and see if it's dirty or has mildews and check for rips or tears. Should you notice any of these, here are the steps on how to bring your enclosure back in shape:

How to rid the enclosure of mildew

What you'll need:

  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Garden hose
  • Spray bottles
  • Medium scrub brush

Step 1: Prepare the cleaning solution.

Get the spray bottle and pour bleach that's equal to 1/4 of the bottle. Fill it up with water, making sure you leave a small airhead at the top. Mix the ingredients together by shaking the bottle.

Step 2: Apply the solution into the screen enclosure.

Set up the enclosure according to instructions and get inside it. Spray the cleaning solution into the enclosure. Start from the top and work your way down, making sure all areas are covered. Allow the solution to penetrate into the enclosure fabric for at least 20 minutes. Keep the enclosure wet by re-spraying the solution when needed.

Step 3: Rinse.

Connect the garden hose to a faucet or any water supply and turn it on. Rinse the enclosure from the inside, making sure all of the bleach solution is removed.

Step 4: Scrub on stubborn mildew spots.

If after rinsing there are still areas with mildew, spray the screen enclosure with cleaning solution once again and using medium scrub brush, rub the affected area.

Step 5: Apply vinegar-and-water solution into the enclosure.

Get another spray bottle and pour vinegar that's equivalent to 1/4 of the bottle. Fill the remaining space with water, leaving a small airhead. Mix the ingredients and spray lightly into both the interior and exterior sides of the enclosure.

Step 6: Allow the enclosure to air dry.

Give the enclosure enough time to air dry before taking it down and storing it properly.

How to patch small tear on a screen enclosure

What you'll need:

  • Screen patch kit
  • A piece of plywood (larger than the rip on the enclosure and with flat, smooth surface)

Step 1: Cut the right size of patch from the repair kit.

Make sure the enclosure, especially the damaged area, is free of dust and dirt. Get your screen repair kit and cut a section that's large enough to cover the rip. Allow one inch of overlap on all sides of the rip.

Step 2: Ask someone to hold the piece of wood against the screen.

Positioned outside the screen enclosure, make your helper hold the piece of plywood against the screen. The wood must provide you with a flat working surface, so it must be larger than the tear.

Step 3: Apply the screen patch.

Peel off the adhesive backing from the patch and attach it to the rip on the enclosure. Press the patch against the screen and the piece of wood from the outside for a few minutes, depending on the instructions in the kit.