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When you're tired from work or from doing errands, the last thing that you need is to spend an hour in traffic, sitting uncomfortably inside your vehicle or on your motorcycle. Sure, most car and motorcycle seats nowadays are becoming more and more ergonomic. But sometimes, they're just not enough to make you entirely comfortable during your ride. Even worse, they can cause body aches and pains, especially if you travel for a long period of time. To answer this problem, several manufacturers have come up with a simple yet effective solution.the seat padding. Seat pads can give you that added level of comfort that you are looking for. At the same time, they can give your vehicle a brand-new look, making them ideal for customization. They can also cover up your car's old and worn upholstery, so it's also useful for quick fixes. If you're planning to buy new pads for your car or motorcycle, here's a buying and maintenance guide to help you out.


Most seat padding products for cars come in pairs.a backrest and seat bottom. They're typically made of molded foam cushions that are extremely durable and easy to install.


Seat pads are available in many different colors. If you want to achieve a classic look for your ride, you should get those that come in neutral colors. On the other hand, if you want something to break the monotony of your vehicle's interiors, you can get pads with louder colors to help jazz up your ride.


To make sure you get a seat pad that will last for a long time, you need to prepare around $100 to $250. This should already get you a good product from a trustworthy brand.


To keep your vehicle's cabin smelling fresh and clean, cleaning the seat pads on a regular basis would be a good idea. This will not only ensure that your interiors have a nice smell, but it will also help maintain the quality of the pads as you get to protect them from damage-causing elements. Here's a quick and basic guide on how to clean the seat padding in your ride.

Step 1: Before you wash the seat pads with water, you need to vacuum clean it first to remove any loose dirt and dust. Make sure you vacuum all the sides of the pad, including its seams.

Step 2: To begin washing, get a cup of warm water and mix it with two tablespoons of dish soap. Agitate the mixture until soap suds form. The suds will serve as the cleaning solution for the entire process to avoid getting the pads too wet, which may cause molds or mildew to form.

Step 3: After that, get a sponge and dip it on the suds of the cleaning solution. Scrub all the sides of the seat padding to ensure they are clean.

Step 4: Once you've covered all the sides of the pads, use a damp cloth to remove the soap. After removing the soap, let the pads air dry.