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Shock Absorber Controller

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Do you frequently drive on long, winding, and bumpy roads? If you do, then your vehicle's suspension must constantly require maintenance. As you know, the vehicle's suspension assembly is there to keep your daily drives comfortable and easy. Given this demanding role, a lot of the components in the suspension get damaged and malfunction after continued use. Good thing you can now get suspension accessories that amp up the suspension assembly and its components, and one example is the shock absorber controller. This component functions like a backup plan and it makes your drives safer and your vehicle more reliable than ever. This doesn't come as a stock component, but it's available in the market so you can install it into your vehicle anytime you want. Not a lot of people are familiar with the wonders that this component can do, but if you want to learn more about how it works and what it can contribute to your ride, read this quick and basic guide below.

How Shock Absorber Controllers Work

If you're wondering what the shock absorber controller is for, here's the low down: it's basically installed in your car as a support or backup for the shock absorber. You see, the controller functions by controlling the shock absorber in such as way that it increases the latter's damping force after a certain period of time. The amount of time has been predetermined and set, and it works when the vertical movement of the vehicle exceeds a certain threshold. Now, if you're wondering how a shock absorber controller is able to control the shock absorber, it basically detects vertical movement before increasing the damping force of the shocks. As the controller detects the movement of the vehicle's body relative to the wheel, it determines if the vehicle has already exceeded the maximum threshold value that's acceptable. And if it has, the controller then starts to increase the damping force of the shocks. In short, it does wonders for a car's suspension system by keeping your drives smooth and comfortable when the going gets tough.

Types of Shock Absorber Controllers

You'll find several types of controllers in the market today with each having its own features and benefits. When buying a shock absorber controller for your vehicle, make sure you get a direct fit for optimum performance.

  • Hand-held wireless controller - This particular type of controller can be utilized easily as it is handheld and wireless. You basically use a remote to tune your shocks by picking the right suspension setting that you think will fit your current driving application. You can choose from a variety of factory-programmed settings that will match specific conditions. This type also often includes a wireless control module that features a backlit LCD menu.
  • Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) - This particular type of shock absorber controller is slowly gaining popularity, and it is best known for improving vehicle stability and handling. It works by using the existing sensors installed in your vehicle and it determines the best settings for your suspension from the readings of the sensors.