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A busted side marker lens may not affect your overall driving experience, but it will surely put you and other drivers at risk. Keep in mind that once this part of your side marker lights breaks down, it'll be harder for other drivers to see your car's position and travel direction at a alanted angle. So imagine if it's snowing heavily, and the fog has drastically cut down your visibility. A motorist coming toward you from a amall side street might not quickly see you, making it hard for that other driver to swerve away and prevent a collision. To avoid such a tricky situation, it's best to fix a broken lens as soon as possible. Here's a list of the most common side marker lens problems and what you can do to fix them:

1. The lens won't pop off.

When trying to replace a bulb or wire inside a side marker light, you need to first remove the lens. But what if this part won't budge off?

Fix: If you've almost caved your car's bumper when trying to remove the lens but it still won't move, the trick here is to access the lens at the back by removing the fender panel and carefully push out the lens with a screwdriver (flat blade). Just be very careful so you won't damage the paint or crack the lens.

2. Condensation has started to build up inside the side marker lens.

Over time, moisture will start to seep into your car's side marker lights. When this happens, you'll see obvious signs of condensation buildup on the interior surface of the lens.

Fix: The solution is to remove the lens, let it dry, and screw or bolt it back in place. Now since the moisture has leaked inside the lens, this means that the lens wasn't sealed up properly in the first place. To prevent condensation buildup from happening again, slather a generous layer of silicone around the edges of the side marker lens. Let the sealant dry off completely before exposing your car to moisture.

3. The plastic lens is filled with scratches and is a bit cloudy.

A cloudy and scratch-filled lens can make a side marker light look dim. And if this light goes dim, your vehicle's road visibility is affected.

Fix: Restoring a scratchy and dull lens is easy. When dealing with small and shallow scratches, you just need to remove the lens and buff it out with wet sandpaper. Once you've buffed out the surface, the lens will look more damaged. But don't worry since this is part of the restoration process. Apply just the right amount of buffing compound with an applicator, and keep on rubbing until the plastic lens regains its original shine. Don't forget to apply some plastic polish to keep the lens looking new for a long time. Now if the scratches are very deep, no amount of cleaning, buffing, and polishing will remove them. The only option is to replace your side marker lens.