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Going on a long motorcycle trip such as a tour will require you to equip your ride with a sissy bar bag. After all, how are you going to carry all your essentials to make your trip a more comfortable and enjoyable one? Fortunately, finding the right bag for your needs shouldn't be that difficult. Here some shopping tips to help you select the perfect, carry-all motorcycle bag.

1. Invest in more than just one style of bag.

Having more than one type of sissy bar bag is always a good idea. A huge backpack or duffel-bag style is perfect for long, weekend tours, while a smaller shoulder bag style is the ideal choice for a short day trip. Aside from convenience, having more than one bag will allow you to alternately use luggage pieces so you won't wear them out fast.

2. Choose a bag with plenty of pockets.

More pockets mean more storage spaces that are easily accessible. So whether you need to store a water bottle or a first-aid kit, those pockets will definitely come in handy. And if you need to store away precious documents, money, or jewelry, hidden pockets provide the perfect storage spaces.

3. Go for additional straps.

Another feature worth looking into when looking for a sissy bar bag is additional straps. If you need to pack a bedroll or jacket but you can't fit it inside the bag because it's too bulky, just strap it on. Many bags today include additional straps that are sturdy enough to carry heavy loads and withstand regular exposure to heat, dust, and road salt.

4. Make sure the bag is compatible with your bike's sissy bar.

The right bike bag should easily fit into your motorcycle's sissy bar. This is why before choosing a bag, check first if it perfectly sits on the sissy bar and can be easily installed without attaching extra fasteners.

5. Select a bag with nifty features.

Extra features worth every buck include quick-release buckles, a durable carry handle, and plastic reinforcement for longer-lasting shape retention. For extra durability, opt for a sissy bar bag that's made of high-grade materials that have flame retardant and UV-blocking capabilities. A bag material with anti-microbial inhibitors is also a good option since this feature will prevent mold and mildew buildup. A bag that's water-repellant is a plus since this accessory can easily stain or wear out when regularly exposed to moisture.

6. Put your money in a pet bag to bring along your furry friends.

If you want to bring your furry buddy with you on a trip, it won't be a hassle if your ride has a sissy bar bag that's especially designed to carry pets. A good pet bag should be spacious enough inside so it won't make the pet feel cramped. Keep in mind that this accessory is designed for small pets, so make sure your pet's size is just right for the bag. Another feature to look into is the ventilation. To keep the pet calm and happy during travels, the bag should have mesh windows that let enough air inside the bag as well as a viewing window to let the pet see what's going on outside. A comfortable liner should keep the pet warm and cozy during the trip. Extra pockets for the food dish and water bottle should help keep your pet well fed.