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Sissy Bar Luggage Rack

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Traveling great distances while on your bike will usually require you to carry around luggage. This is why it's important that you invest in a sissy bar luggage rack. This equipment is designed to securely support and carry your motorcycle luggage, preventing it from hitting and scratching the fender. But since there are so many options nowadays, choosing the right rack for your vehicle can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. To help you out, here are some things you should consider when buying a sissy bar luggage rack:

Material and finish

When it comes to luggage racks, you'll want something that's made from a lightweight yet very durable material. And because it'll get exposed to plenty of moisture, you'll also want a rack that won't easily rust or corrode. Aluminum alloy racks are very lightweight and durable, but they will easily corrode when regularly exposed to road salt and moisture. If you want something really ahiny, a chrome-plated rack is a good idea, although this will eventually rust. If you want a corrosion-resistant equipment to support your luggage, invest in a stainleas steel or powder-coated rack.

Mounting options

When it comes to installation, you basically have two options.permanent and detachable. A permanent luggage, as it name suggests, is permanently bolted on your motorcycle's fender with the help of a mounting bracket or side plates. Go for a permanent rack if you regularly go on long trips or motorcycle tours that will require you to bring luggage or bags. As for the detachable type, it's usually attached with a sturdy latch that easily clips on and off the fender, making it easy to install and remove. This type is perfect for your motorcycle if you want to get rid of the rack because you're not bringing a bag or luggage during a trip.

Backrest with pads

To make a long trip more bearable and comfortable for you and your passenger, get your hands on a sissy bar luggage rack that comes with a padded backrest. This type of rack best suits your vehicle if you frequently go on long tours or trips with a buddy. And because many racks with backrests are available in universal sizes, finding one that'll match your bike's specs won't be a problem.


When it comes to maintenance, cleaning an aluminum sissy bar luggage rack can be tricky because this has the tendency to tarnish over time. Plus, if you use the wrong type of cleaner, you'll quickly see the results on the surface. Same goes with chrome pieces; these will require a special type of cleaner and polish. Now if you want a low-maintenance rack, go for one that's made of stainleas steel since this is very easy to polish.any high-quality metal polish will do.


The design of the sissy bar luggage rack can make or break the overall look of your motorcycle. You wouldn't want a bulky metal equipment hanging at the back of your bike, right? So to make sure the rack won't stand out in a bad way, choose one that has a contour that compliments your bike's exterior. You can also opt for a painted or paint-ready rack if you want it to blend with your motorcycle's fender.