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When the snow starts to fall, it can be an exciting time for some. But once the snow starts to pile up and covers most of the road, then that's when the problem starts. Good thing a snow plow can be used to clear the roadway of ice. The snow can be moved to the parking lot or right on the side of the road so that vehicles can pass through. With less snow, the ground can be safer for motorists.

How it works

The plow can have a curved, straight, or v-shaped blade. The curved blade can push and pull the snow out of the roadway. The curve on the blade also helps move the snow at an angle. The straight blade can toss snow to one side while the v-shaped blade pushes it to both sides.

What these blades are made of

The blades of the snow plow are usually manufactured from steel, though blades made of high-impact plastic are also available. Steel blades are powder-coated or painted as protection against rust and corrosion. The clear plastic blade, on the other hand, is designed to let you see through it.

How to maintain the good condition of the plow

Snow plows are powered by hydraulic systems. These hydraulics can be damaged by condensation in the tubes, resulting in blades that are frozen or stuck in one position. These should be checked regularly for preventive maintenance, making sure that there's no frozen water inside the system.

What to consider when buying a snow plow

  • Type of vehicle. Snow plows are not only used on different types of truck but also on ATVs. So when looking for one, focus on the type of vehicle where this will be used. This will help you save time and will help you find just the right option with precise fit, great design, and useful features. Find a plow that fits the size and weight requirements of the vehicle.
  • Material. The blade of snow plows can be made of steel or plastic. If you want to be able to see through the plow as you move the snow, consider buying one that has a hard, clear plastic blade. A low-impact plastic can easily chip or crack, so make sure that the snow plow is made from a high-grade material. If you're after durability and heavy-duty use, steel is still the best option. Just make sure that the metal is coated or painted to prevent corrosion and wear. Poor-quality steel snow plows can easily have a cracked finish and may develop rust.
  • Mounting gear. Check what's included in the package, especially if it comes with a mounting gear. The plow should be fairly easy to attach or install with all the needed hardware and instructions already included in the kit or package.
  • Reputable manufacturer. A snow plow isn't really cheap. So if you'll buy this piece of equipment, you'd want to make sure that it's from a reliable manufacturer or offered by a trusted brand. The manufacturer should be able to give you a good warranty as assurance for the plow's top quality and proven durability. In case the plow breaks suddenly or prematurely, you should be able to contact the manufacturer for a replacement under warranty or for replacement parts.