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A snow plow can be such a practical purchase for people who reside in areas where winter is characterized by thick snow. A snow plow will facilitate snow removal in your driveway. It can also be a good source of income during winter; you can clear off snow from other people's driveway for a fee. However, installing a snow plow can be quite a challenge as it needs to be mounted securely to be able to pull off its task well. You need to find and put on a quality plow mount first before you can install the plow.

When purchasing and installing a plow mount, here are some tips to bear in mind:

Go for a mount or a mount kit that's specifically designed for your vehicle.

There are plow mount kits for ATVS, and then there are kits that are designed for a particular vehicle make and model. By choosing the latter, installation will be an easy feat for you as the size and mounting points are made to fit the specifications of your ride. By using application- and vehicle-specific mount kit, you'll be able to add a snow plow perfectly without a need for lower ground clearance.

Exercise extreme caution when drilling.

If the plow mount kit you've purchased requires drilling, always use caution. Make it a point that the vehicle's electrical wires, fuel lines, brake lines, and other components won't get damaged or punctured when drilling. Before drilling, inspect first the spot to be drilled.both the mounting surface and the back of it.and move or relocate the parts that may be affected or damaged. Failure to do this may result in electrical shock, personal injury, or part damage that can be costly to repair or replace.

It's also wise to wear safety gear when drilling the mount as the process can cause flying metal chips and sparks that can lead to eye and skin injury.

Route electrical cables properly.

If there's a need to route electrical cables, make sure you won't route them across sharp edges, near components that usually get hot, as well as through or near moving parts. You should also insulate and protect exposed wires and electrical terminals.

Make sure all the bolts are uniformly tightened.

The plow mount won't be able to ensure proper plow and vehicle connection if it isn't securely installed in place. During installation, loosely attach the bracket of the mount first and insert all the bolts in place. Once the bolts are in their proper slots, tighten them one by one. This way, you can be sure that they are uniformly tightened.

Use only manufacturer-provided hardware when attaching the plow to the plow mount.

The hardware that comes with the mounting kit or the plow itself are contoured and designed to perfectly match the specifications of the mount and the plow, therefore ensuring secure connections between the two components. By substituting it with old or other hardware, you run the risk of operating the plow with unsecure connection to the truck. This can cause the plow to easily get dislodged and detach from the vehicle while in the middle of a serious snow plowing.