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The adrenaline rush, the fast action, and the thrill make riding a snowmobile a real sport, more than just a means to travel on snow. Although it seems simple enough to ride and drive this snow machine, there are trails that will require skills. You have to maintain control as you drive through powder, ride on hills, and pass through various trails. With the kind of adventures you can have with a snowmobile, it deserves to get some tender love and care from you. One great way to do that is to keep it all wrapped up in a nifty snowmobile cover that will keep it all safe and protected in the garage or once the snow is all gone.

Why do you need a snowmobile cover?

Exposure to the elements, harsh UV rays, moisture, tree sap, and dirt can cause damage to the snowmobile. Its paint and finish will not be the only one that will be ruined by these. Mechanical failure is also a possibility if the snowmobile is not protected by a cover, especially if it is in storage for too long.

What are the features to look for in a snowmobile cover?

The cover should be made from a material or fabric that provides UV protection. A heavy-duty cover with PCV backing can provide utmost protection against extreme temperatures and various weather conditions, preventing abrasion problems. The cover should also be able to repel or resist water and mildew buildup. These features can help extend the life of the snow machine, keeping it protected during storage and trailering. Covers that have elastic cords make room for adjustments so that the cover will be a snug fit to the snowmobile. It will also be convenient if the cover has an access flap for the fuel tank, in case of refills, and has a built-in strap system. Other neat features to look into would be a hood liner that won't get scratched easily, reflective safety markings, and tension panels. The cover should come with its own storage bag so that you can pack it away without trouble.

How can you figure out the right size for a snowmobile cover?

Snowmobiles are made in different sizes and may vary in terms of shape and design. That's why you have to be aware of the measurements of your snowmobile before you place an order for a cover. Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the snowmobile, with and without the ski. Some typically add two inches into the actual measurement as allowance. Using this measurement, look for an appropriately sized cover. Check the manufacturer's size chart or measurement table and use it as your guide in finding a cover that perfectly fits. You may also refer to generic sizes. Usually, small covers would fit one-person automobiles, which may have a size range of 110 to 155 inches, while two-person snowmobiles, which typically measure 155 to 130 inches, may use a medium-size cover. Check to see if the snowmobile cover comes in universal fit or if it's a custom fit for a specific snowmobile model.