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You just came home from an off-road trip, and you start to unload equipment from your vehicle. You then notice stains on the soft top fabric, and when you take a closer look, you see that the fabric is starting to show signs of wear and tear.grime buildup, discoloration, and mildew stains. Fortunately, dealing with these problems is easy.just follow the tips below:

Remove stains ASAP.

When you see stains on your soft top fabric, take action immediately to prevent the stain from sinking deeper into the fabric. Apply some cleaner on it and let it soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Then scrub gently until the stain is lifted. Rinse thoroughly, making sure that no soap residue is left.

Regularly wash the soft top fabric.

Just like any piece of clothing that's regularly exposed to the elements, you need to regularly wash your soft top. But don't just grab any bottle of fabric or car wash. Make sure the cleaner is well suited to your soft top. Using a vinyl cleaner on a fabric top is a no-no, as well as products that contain ammonia, alcohol, gloss enhancers, vinegar, detergent, and bleach. To clean the fabric, simply follow these steps:

  • Wet the fabric but don't soak it. Too much water can weaken the fabric.
  • Put some cleaner on the fabric, focusing on problem areas such as corners. Using a circular motion, brush the surface of the canvas top until grime and stains are removed.
  • Rinse off the fabric soap, making sure that no residues are left.
  • Let the fabric air dry.
  • When dealing with stubborn grim, apply a generous amount of cleaner on the soiled area and let the cleaner soak in for 15 to 20 minutes. Then gently scrub it with a soft bristle brush until the grime buildup is completely removed.

    Coat the soft top fabric with a protectant.

    Applying several coats of protectant on a completely clean and dry fabric top is a good way of keeping it in top condition for many years. Start by using a product that doesn't contain harsh ingredients. Spray or apply it on the top, but make sure you don't saturate the canvas or cloth. When applying several coats, let each application dry for about ten minutes. This way, each layer of protectant is properly absorbed by the fabric. When spraying the top with fabric shield, make sure you do it inside a well-ventilated area and not in an open, airy space. A gust of wind can bring it dirt and dust that'll stick onto the fabric top because the top protectant isn't dry yet.

    Use the right cleaning tools.

    Ideal cleaning tools that won't damage your soft top fabric include terry cloths and microfiber towels. These products are designed to effectively get rid of dirt and grime buildup especially on hard-to-reach areas but won't leave behind lint. Soft bristle brushes are ideal tools when dealing with stubborn stains that aren't removed by your microfiber or terry cloths. Tools to avoid include cotton cloths, lamb wool mitts, and chenille-covered sponges as these are notoriously known for their lint residues.

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