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With a soft top convertible, you don't just drive; you actually enjoy your surroundings while driving. Put the top down and you can take great pleasure in open driving; put it up and you'll have instant protection against morning drizzles and sudden downpour.

But you can't make full use of your soft top if it isn't well connected to the vehicle's body. You may have a hard time placing it up or putting it down when you need to. So, anytime you feel like your soft top is no longer working well, check your soft top hardware and have the faulty ones checked or replaced.

If you're in the market to look for new hardware for your soft top, here are some questions to ask yourself for you to find the right hardware for your needs and get the best value for your money:

What kind of soft top hardware do you need?

Before getting online or going to a brick-and-mortar auto parts store, you should be very sure about what component/s to purchase. Do some troubleshooting first so you'll know which one needs replacement. You see, there are types of damage that don't necessitate replacement; some hardware may just need a little lubrication or other maintenance procedures. Once you've determined the extent of damage, that's when you can assess if you really need a new part. When ordering, get the exact replacement for the part you need by reading all the specs and features well.

Is it durable and able to hold your soft top up for a long time?

The durability of the soft top hardware is very important as it can spell the difference between a working top and a malfunctioning one, so you have to make sure that the one you'll get is able to carry the brunt of constant and adverse weather. It's ideal to get a component that's weather-proof and rust resistant. It must also be able to hold up the weight of the entire top so it won't give up on you prematurely.

Is it compatible with your vehicle and its soft top?

No matter what kind of hardware you need, you should make sure that the replacement you'll get is compatible with the kind of soft top your ride comes equipped with. It is also equally important that the soft top hardware is compatible with your convertible so you won't have a hard time installing it in your ride. Remember that any incompatibility issue can render the soft top useless or inoperable. So when purchasing online, don't forget to read the product description and make sure to enter your correct vehicle make and model for you to find the right and compatible hardware for your soft top.

Do you want a kit or just a single hardware?

When purchasing, you can also be torn between an individual hardware replacement and a kit. Here's a tip: if you need replacement for all or some of your soft top hardware, it would be better to get a kit as it gives you an assurance that all the components included in there will work well with each other. But if you need just one or two hardware and you think a kit is too expensive, it will be wiser to just get a replacement that's sold individually or in pair.

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