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Soft Top Screen Kit

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Getting ready for summer? Besides bringing back your swimsuit-ready body, you should also prepare your ride for the bikini season. While you want to enjoy the warmth of the sun, you don't want to get sunburned, right? That's what you should thank the soft top screen kit for. This screen top makes you enjoy the summer and take pleasure in open-air driving minus the harsh effects of direct sunlight by deflecting heat and UV rays.

If you're decided to get such add-on for your Jeep, here are some of the important factors to consider for you to get one that not just satisfies your needs but also offers the best possible value for your bucks:


The first thing you need to decide on when making a purchase is the size of the screen top included in the soft top screen kit. Bikini and brief tops cover only the front-row seats while full tops, as their name implies, offer full coverage to shield the vehicle's 2nd-row seat or the cargo area. You can base your decision on the type of vehicle you own and the number of occupants you normally have in your vehicle during summer. A two-seater off-road vehicle can have either a bikini or a brief screen top as this type is enough to cover both the driver and passenger seats in front. Full tops are more ideal for vehicles with 2nd-row seat or for drivers who need extra protection for the cargos that they put at the back.


Screen tops also vary in design. Many come in black to complement the ruggedness of any off-road vehicle, but there also some that are transparent or have other colors like charcoal. Some tops are made even more pleasing to the eye by having cool designs like pirate flag, camouflage design, Confiderate flag, and American flag. This time, your choice will depend on your personal taste. Go for a soft top screen kit that you think will look best on your Jeep or one that best represents your personality.


The most common type of material used in screen tops is high-tech mesh as this fabric breathes easily and allows cool breeze to blow through the cabin while efficiently blocking sun's rays. This fabric is also weather-proof, which means it can maintain its tiptop shape in any temperature.

Product fit

If you really want to have an enjoyable trip, it's important that your screen top stays tight and does not flap or balloon as the vehicle runs. This means you have to ensure the fit of the soft top screen kit you're planning to buy. One way to ensure perfect fit is to get a kit that's custom-made for your vehicle model.


You also have to consider how the screen top will be installed in your ride so you'll know if it can stay in place throughout the drive. This will also determine how easy or difficult it will be for you to install or remove the top when needed. While you can find a soft top screen kit that use straps to keep the top in place, there are others that are strapless but require windshield channels to clamp the top into place.