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Nowadays, everything comes in smaller, sleeker packages. There are light handheld gadgets and ultra-slim tablets. The TV has also become thinner and more sophisticated over the years. And don't forget the sound bar that may replace a stack of speakers wired to the stereo or multimedia system. This audio equipment can give you better sound clarity, improved bass, and other essential audio features for enhanced listening experience even inside the vehicle.

If you want to use a sound bar for your vehicle, then here are some things to consider:


Your sound bar should allow Bluetooth connectivity. This way, you can listen to music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled player, gadget, or smartphone. You should also be able to plug in a USB for the tablet, music player, or the flash drive that stores music and other audio materials. When talking about connectivity, it also matters how many gadgets or equipment you can plug in to the bar. If you own plenty of gadgets, then it would make sense if the part comes with many inputs. If you simply want to plug in your music player, your smartphone, or just a couple of equipment, then you wouldn't need sound bars that are designed with too many inputs and outputs.

Sound quality

Just like other gadgets and modern equipment, sound bars have gone slimmer. Because of their slim body, the low frequency spectrum is oftentimes taken for granted. As such, some sound bars may lack the mid-bass and other important audio aspects. Sound quality may then suffer. This is why you have to be very particular with the audio features. Some sound bars, for instance, come with speakers that are near the ear level. This position helps improve audio quality while driving. Sound control is another good feature to have on sound bars. This allows you to adjust some settings to suit your own preference.


Some sound bars are installed overhead or placed on the roll bar. They may be custom fitted to the vehicle such that installation won't require any modification. Other sound bars, however, may need some drilling to be mounted directly on the roll bar. See how the bar can be smoothly integrated into the vehicle. As much as possible, you want this to be fairly easy to assemble and to complement the in-car entertainment system.


You'd want your sound bar to sport a color and finish that blends well with the rest of the car interior or your other audio equipment. Some sound bars come in color-matched fabric or textured plastic for enhanced aesthetics. You'd also want the buttons and plug-ins to be neatly organized for comfort. Interior dome light is a neat feature to have on sound bars, especially when mounted on the roll bar or installed overhead. Choose bars that are made from high-impact materials and have weather-resistant features, especially the fabric.

Technical details

Take note of the maximum wattage of the sound bar, as well as the frequency response, rated sensitivity, and other technical details. As you go through the list of technical features, also check if the audio accessory can be easily connected to a 12-volt power plug, so you'll know its requirements for easy plug and play.


Aside from speakers and woofers, some sound bars also feature a docking station for the MP3 player and other gadgets. Other accessories may include power cables with connectors. Be sure to check what's included in the package to gauge its real product value.

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