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Unless you want to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere calling out for help, you have to carry a spare tire, like, always. But most of the time, your truck bed or your cargo compartment gets fully loaded with all your stuff, leaving no room for your extra tire. That's when the value of a spare tire carrier comes in.

With the lots of choices available in the market, you'll oftentimes find it difficult to choose the right carrier for your vehicle and for your needs. To take the guesswork out of selecting the best tire carrier for you, here's a list of things you should put into consideration when making your purchase:

Ideal carrying capacity

Before heading out to purchase a spare tire carrier, it is wise to know first the exact dimensions of your vehicle's wheel and tire assembly. The most popular carriers are those that can accommodate tires up to 35 inches in height, which means they can carry the usual street or off-road tires. Does your ride come with big-dog tires? No worries! You can go for a tire carrier that can house up to 37. or 42. wheel and tire assembly.

Just because a carrier can hold the biggest tire in the world doesn't mean it's the best. An ideal spare tire carrier should be able to efficiently hold the size of the tires your ride comes equipped with as that will be the exact tire size you'll be carrying every day.

Durable construction

Housing a big tire or a tire-and-wheel assembly is no easy task, so make sure that the tire carrier you'll get is made from heavy duty steel tubing. It doesn't matter whether the tubing is round or square as long as it is constructed strong enough to perform its job well. It's also wise to choose a finish that ensures excellent rust resistance.

Beneficial features

Sometimes, it isn't wise to go for a spare tire carrier that's loaded with almost all possible features a carrier can have, especially if additional feature means added cost. What you need to do instead is to list down the features that will be of great help to you. Here are some of the tire carrier features you may find useful:

Light mounts

If you frequently go on night drives and weekend adventures, it's a good idea to choose a tire carrier with light mounts or provision for backup lights. You see, backup and other auxiliary lights are very useful when you are off-roading, tailgating, or camping in places with no access to electricity.

Gas/Water container capacity

Those who love adventures and weekend getaways will also love a spare tire carrier with extra room or compartment for water or gas containers. This feature will help free up some space in the cargo or passenger compartment, so you can have more room for your personal stuff.

Fully lockable

If you live in an area where auto parts thieves abound, you'd better secure all the vehicle components that can easily be removed and taken away from your ride. One way to protect your spare tire against robbers is to get a carrier that's fully lockable.

Multiple mounting positions and secure latch system

These are anti-rattle features that work to ensure minimal vibration even off roads. With these, the spare tire and the spare tire carrier itself won't shake and detach from the vehicle while you are on a rough trail.


If the cargo area is fully loaded, it may be unsafe to open the door again and again. So when getting your spare tire, you must avoid opening the trunk door. It is in times like this that a swing-out tire carrier becomes very useful. With this feature, you can easily remove your spare tire from the carrier without having to open the vehicle's tailgate or trunk door.