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Your pickup truck is your pride and joy, so you'd do everything to take good care of it. In fact, you won't mind spending some of your extra cash to make sure that that it gets the right amount of protection that it deserves. You also don't mind buying accessories to make it look good every now and then. If the description above spells you all over, then you might want to consider investing in some stake pocket covers. Installing this component in your truck will not only help keep your vehicle's tiptop shape but will also help enhance the overall look of your ride. To help you buy and install the right cover for your pickup, here's a quick guide on the most basic things that you need to know about these covers.


Haven't made up your mind? Here are the three main reasons on why getting a stake pocket cover is beneficial for you and your vehicle

  • Cover stake pockets
  • The main function of stake pocket covers is to cover up the holes of the truck bed. This is extremely helpful if you don't really use your truck to carry heavy loads that will require you to attach anything to it.

  • Protection from dirt, dust, and harsh weather
  • A stake pocket cover is good for covering up holes that don't get used that often. However, they are also good for covering holes to protect them from dirt, contamination, and other damage-causing elements.

  • Improve the look of the vehicle
  • Most covers are made smooth and sleek and they always come in a color that is easy to match. If you want to upgrade your truck's look, but you want something that's functional and helpful, then the stake pocket cover is just what you need.


Most stake pocket covers are made using strong and durable plastic material. If you want one that can withstand snow, dust, rain, heat, and rust, then you might want to get a plastic option. This is perfect for quick fixes. Another material used to create this type of cover is galvanized steel. This type is exceptionally strong, making it a much better option than the plastic varieties.


This type of cover is extremely easy to install because it's usually made to snap right on. In fact, you don't need any tools to complete the job. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Before you install the covers, make sure the installation area or the stake pockets of your truck are clean and dust-free.

Step 2: As soon as you get the mounting area cleaned, place the pocket cover on the top of the hole.

Step 3: After that, snap the cover right into the hole and do the same for the other holes in your truck.

Step 4: Make sure the stake pocket covers fit right in, do not wobble, or come off easily. If they do, you may need to buy better-fitting one that's made specifically for your vehicle's make and model.