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Steering Wheel Knob

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Turning the steering wheel to move your car to the direction you want may seem like child's play. But as every driver on the road knows, it's not as simple as moving the wheel to the left or to the right. In fact, the only time you're supposed to use one hand is when backing up. Both hands should be placed on the steering wheel even when making slight turns. When turning around corners or maneuvering through space, you have to use the hand-over-hand steering or grip-and-slide technique. With every turn, you have to make sure that your hands won't slip.

If a hand injury, disability, or any condition is preventing your from gaining full control of the steering wheel, one good solution for this is a steering wheel knob. The knob makes disabled driving so much easier, and even safer. If turning the wheel puts a lot of stress on your driving, this steering wheel accessory can make things much more convenient for you. You can move the steering wheel through the knob rather than turning the wheel itself. This bolsters steering motion. You can even drive with one hand and steer almost effortlessly with the added torque on the steering wheel.

Is the use of steering wheel knob illegal?

In some locations, drivers are discouraged to use this knob because of safety concerns. Some states even ban this, though in other places, handicapped drivers are exempted from this rule. So before you fix a knob onto the wheel, make sure first that your state allows it. Check the DMV website or office for the advisory. Also see to it that the knob placement won't mess with the air bag.

When setting up the steering wheel knob, how will you find the best spot for its attachment on the steering wheel?

Here's a good tip: before you attach the knob, the first thing you have to do is set the steering wheel in a way that the two front wheels are angled for a straight line. You have to find the most convenient spot or comfortable point on the wheel if you go forward in a straight line. This spot is where you should attach the knob. There's no exact spot or position that you have to follow. Just make sure that the knob will be placed where it would be easy and comfortable for you to turn or rotate it.

How do you install a steering wheel knob?

The knob can usually be attached to the steering wheel within five to ten minutes. Before you start, check the manufacturer label for instructions or for the specs of the knob. First thing you have to do when mounting the accessory is find the right position for the knob on the steering wheel. After this has been set, you have to clamp the knob on the steering wheel, with the top and bottom parts properly placed. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Adjust these until the knob is fully secured to the wheel that it can no longer be moved from its position.

How can you check if the steering wheel knob is attached properly?

Before you use the knob for driving, test it first. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel using the knob. By turning it to different directions, you're familiarizing yourself with its movement. If you're not comfortable with the position of the knob, adjust it accordingly.