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As you grow older, your lifestyle changes. And before you know it, you'll notice that you already need more carrying capacity in your ride. Whether you are almost living in your ride or you love spending the weekends with your family in the great outdoors, you will surely need a storage box for your vehicle.

But much like choosing any vehicle accessory, selecting the right box can be a bit puzzling as there will be lots of questions that will go on in your mind. The thousands of choices available in the market can make it even more taxing for you to decide which box is perfect for your needs. To help make storage box shopping easier for you, here are the things you should put into consideration when making a choice:

  • Size
  • The size of the box you should get largely depends on two factors.the stuff you are planning to put on it and where you'll store the box. Automotive storage boxes come in many different sizes. There are small boxes for your small valuables such as jewelry, phone, money, documents, GPS devices, and other gadgets. You can also find medium-sized to large storage boxes for larger and heavier items.

  • Mounting location
  • Next to size, you have to determine what space in your ride you will use up to accommodate the storage box. Do you have a roof rack and you want to put the box up there? Go for a large box with low-profile, aerodynamic shape so as not to contribute to the vehicle's drag. Most roof-mount boxes have larger capacity to be able to accommodate camping equipment, surfboards, skis, ropes, and other stuff.

    There are also locking boxes that will allow you to make full use of that extra space under your seat. The good thing about these under-seat storage boxes is that they conceal your valuables from prying eyes and sticky fingers yet making them easily accessible for you should you need them. Just make sure that the under-seat storage box you'll get won't interfere with the driver's seat adjustment.

    And yes, there are also small center console storage boxes. These are commonly used by people who drive convertibles and need secure storage space for their gadgets, wallet, and jewelry. You can also choose to place your box on the trunk or in the cargo compartment of your SUV. In these locations, you can put boxes that are a bit taller as you need not worry about the space or the vehicle's drag.

  • Construction
  • Of course it is important to make sure that the storage box you'll get guarantees heavy-duty construction. It must be made from strong, rust-resistant materials and should have waterproof as well as weatherproof seal to keep your valuables protected against water and dirt. Also make sure that the box's finish won't easily tear, chip, or peel.

  • Features
  • There are storage boxes that have excellent features other units don't have. Some are offered with high-tech pick resistant lock, a feature that can give you peace of mind knowing that your valuables won't easily get stolen inside your ride. For large storage boxes, especially for those that will be placed on the roof rack, one feature you'll find helpful is the ability to open on both sides. There are also boxes that have partitions or dividers inside so you can organize your things neatly and in a classy way.