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If you're going to drive a couple of days to reach your destination, this means that you'll practically live inside your vehicle. Surely, you'll bring along a lot of your stuff with you and this means one thing.clutter! If you're the OC type when it comes to cleanliness and being organized, having stuff scattered all around your vehicle will not only be unsightly, but it will also be extremely distracting. To prevent this from happening, consider investing in a high-quality storage shelf for your ride. Having to endure the long drive in a winding road is enough stress to deal with, and getting shelves is a good way to address your organization woes. Installing shelves in your vehicle will give you that extra space for your stuff, and it will help minimize the clutter by keeping your things organized and safe.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Storage Shelf

Aftermarket storage shelves are typically made to fit pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans. They're usually installed overhead right above the sun visor of the vehicle. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when shopping for new shelves.

  • Material
  • When it comes to material, heavy-duty aluminum is the preferred medium because it is durable, lightweight, rust-proof, and it can also withstand extreme temperatures. Most storage shelves are also scratch-resistant, so they'll look good and keep your stuff safe and organized for a long time. Aluminum shelves are also framed to prevent them from warping or bending.

  • Color
  • Aside from providing you with extra storage space that will help you stay organized, a storage shelf is also an easy way to customize your ride. By adding this accessory inside your vehicle, your interiors get an instant makeover as they will drastically change the way your car looks. If you want something that will blend right in, make sure to choose neutral colors like black and gray. However, if you want the shelf to serve as an accent piece, you can always choose those with a splash of color.

  • Fit
  • To ensure seamless fit and quick installation, always go for direct fit products instead of buying their universal counterparts. You can easily install direct fit shelves onto your vehicle without the help of a professional, which will save you both time and money.

  • Price
  • If you're planning to buy a new shelf for your car, be prepared to spend around $100 to $250 to ensure that you get a good product from a brand that you can trust.

A 4-Step Guide to Installing a Storage Shelf

Most aftermarket shelves are easy to install and they don't require any drilling. Here's a 4-step guide that will get you started.

Step 1: Before you begin installation, you need to remove the visors, making sure that you don't damage them in the process.

Step 2: After that, install the bracket of the shelf onto the visor holes.

Step 3: Once the bracket are in, you can easily mount and position the storage shelf in place.

Step 4: And lastly, reinstall the visors that were removed earlier.