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  • How to Deal with the Excessive Oil Consumption of Your Subaru Forester

    Is your Subaru Forester chugging down the engine oil like there\'s no tomorrow? You might want to check if every component inside your car\'s engine bay is in good condition since excessive oil consumption isn\'t something that normally occurs to vehicles. No matter how tough and sporty your Subaru Forester may seem, it should not consume more than a liter of oil for every 10,000 km of travelled distance. If you find yourself refilling the engine oil more frequently than usual, then you should get to the bottom of the problem to prevent unwanted expenses and complex repairs. Here\'s how:

    Know the possible causes

    Determining whether your vehicle is consuming more oil than usual is easy; you just have to monitor the liters of oil that you put into your engine for every particular mileage. However, finding out why your vehicle suffers from this costly problem may be really daunting, particularly because this may be caused by different engine components. You should keep yourself knowledgeable about the possible reasons behind this problem first so you\'ll know the components that you need to check once you troubleshoot your vehicle.

    Oil leakage due to defective or worn-out componentssuch as gaskets, valve stem seals, crankcase ventilation, and piston ringsare the most common cause of this problem. When the motor oil leaks into the combustion chamber, it gets inefficiently burned along with the fuel. Another possible reason behind excessive oil consumption is extreme engine temperature, which also causes the oil to mix with the fuel and get burned in the combustion chamber. If the problem doesn\'t root from your Forester\'s mechanical components, there\'s a high chance that it\'s caused by cheap and substandard motor oil which contaminates the entire engine assembly with high carbon deposits.

    Identify the culprit

    Now that you\'re aware of the possible culprits behind the excessive fuel consumption of your Subaru Forester, it should be easier for you to track down the component that\'s causing this problem. Checking the torque of the oil drain plug is an easy way to start. If that\'s correctly tightened according to the manufacturer-recommended specification, then you should check for traces of oil around the gaskets and bolts of the valve cover. You should also visually inspect the condition of the oil filter, piston rings and cylinders, PCV valve, and oil pressure switch. Lastly, take a look at the condition of your Forester\'s spark plugs. Wet and oily spark plugs are a sure sign of oil leakage.

    Fix the problem

    Once you\'ve discovered the cause of your pricey problem, you should tend to it immediately to prevent even more unnecessary expenses from putting a dent on your wallet. Excessive oil consumption which is caused by worn-out or missing engine components may only be solved by replacing the old and damaged parts with new ones. If defective crankcase ventilation is the culprit, you have to flush the system in order for it to be efficient once again. Moreover, if contaminated motor oil is reason behind your woes, all you have to do is to replace it with high-quality motor oil that\'s suitable for your Subaru Forester.