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If you love listening to your favorite beats while driving, then equipping your ride with a subwoofer or sub is a good idea. This nifty accessory allows you to enjoy your favorite music with an extra oomph since it enhances the bass. However, before you buy this type of loudspeaker, make sure to consider the following factors first:

Subwoofer type

Depending on the size of your vehicle, installation requirements, and sound quality preferences, you have several options to choose from:

Vehicle-specific speakers . As its name suggests, this type refers to subwoofers that are designed to perfectly fit a specific kind of vehicle. Because it's designed to optimize the available car space in your vehicle, this is the best option if you are concerned about limited mounting spaces. However, since these speakers are small in order to fit into cramped spaces, don't expect too much power from these gadgets.

Powered loudspeakers . This type is known for its built-in amplifiers that are included within the enclosure. This layout allows you to save space, but bass power is limited. However, sound quality is good enough for mid-range frequencies.

Passive subwoofers . Considered as the most basic type of sub, a passive loudspeaker requires an external amplifier in order to function. This type comes in different sizes and sound output ranges.

Right specifications

To get the best deal for your budget, check out these specs first:

Audio power - When shopping for a subwoofer, take note of the RMS power ratings. These numbers indicate a speaker's output or power handling capabilities. They also provide a more realistic view of your sub's overall power compared to peak power ratings.

Range of frequency . Taking a look at a sub's frequency gives you an idea of how low it can play. However, performance shouldn't be based solely on frequency since a lot of factors can affect audio quality.

Type of enclosure . The shape or type of enclosure the subwoofer is mounted in will definitely have an effect on the quality and type of sound it produces. For a deeper, more accurate sound quality, choose a sub that's enclosed in a sealed box. For more volume, choose one with a bandpass and ported enclosure. When it comes to the enclosure shapes, subs inside square boxes offer better sound quality than those inside a circular enclosure. If you want something that offers better performance than round subs but you don't want to stick to square subs, hexagonal subwoofers are a good bet.

Subwoofer size . Contrary to popular myth, a bigger sub doesn't mean better performance and sound quality. Keep in mind that plenty of factors affect the sound quality. It's highly possible for a small loudspeaker to produce better sounds that its bigger counterpart because of the type of enclosure it has. When considering the sub size, make sure it'll fit inside your car and won't consume too much space. Because subwoofers are usually installed in the trunk or at the backseat, choose a sub that won't make you lose lots of trunk space.