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Taking your Jeep out for a spin can either be a hit or a miss depending on the weather. Since the dawn of global warming, weather cycles have become extremely unpredictable, and you just never know what's coming. So, even if you're the outdoorsy type of person, you'd still want to equip your vehicle with some level of protection. This is where the summer top comes in. This lightweight and inexpensive accessory has been providing drivers with the comfort and protection that they need without taking out the adventurous feeling of having a Jeep. But you may ask, is this accessory worth it? Or should you just settle for a good old soft top instead?

Summer Tops vs. Soft Tops

These two accessories have been pitted against each other for so long, and new Jeep drivers often get confused with what to get for their ride. However, in reality, the choice really lies in your own preference. Here's a quick comparison of the two according to price, protection, and place.


The first thing that you may want to consider when choosing between a summer top and a soft top is the price. Unsurprisingly, soft tops cost more since they are bigger. A typical soft top will cost you around $300 to $500. On the other hand, summer tops only cost around $100 and below.


Another factor that you need to consider when choosing a top is the amount of coverage and protection that you want. Soft tops can cover the entire Jeep, keeping you and your passengers fully enclosed and protected from external elements. This can be very useful when it's raining like cats and dogs and you simply don't want to get wet. Summer tops, on the other hand, are thinner and only provide protection at the top part of the Jeep. This accessory is ideal if you need protection from the sun and light rain.


The last factor that you need to consider is your place. Where do you live and where do you drive your Jeep? If you're in a state with crazy, unpredictable weather all the time, then you might want to invest on a more flexible soft top. However, if you live in a place where it's usually dry and there's very little rain throughout the year, then you may opt to choose a nice summer top instead.

Half vs. Whole Summer Top

Now, if you're convinced that you need a summer top, you need to remember that there are two types of this accessory sold in the market today. Again, what you'll choose depends on your own preference and needs as a Jeep driver. The first type only covers the first two seats of the vehicle, and it's called by different names, depending on the brand of the product. The brand Bestop calls theirs the .Bikini Top. while Rampage Products calls theirs the .California Top.. On the other hand, the second type is much bigger and it covers both the front and back seats of the Jeep. Bestop calls their version the .Safari Top. while Rampage Products calls theirs the .Island Topper..