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Sun shades are among the vehicle's most underrated add-ons. In fact, you may not even think of purchasing one until you get into your ride that's parked under the sun and feel like you're being toasted in an oven. Besides giving you a more comfortable cabin, the sun shade also helps shield your vehicle's interior against the scorching heat from the sun that can eventually discolor, fade, crack, or cause other types of damage among various interior components. With all its necessary benefits, it is but right that you get a high-quality shade for your vehicle.

But with the hundreds and thousands of choices there are in the market, how will you know if the shade you'll choose is the best value for your budget? Well, to help you get your money's worth, here are the important features and factors you should look for in a sun shade:

Heat reflection and absorption feature

Sun shades are known for having a reflective film that deflects the sun's damaging UV rays to prevent heat buildup inside a parked vehicle. But do you know that there are shades that feature a reversible design so that their underside can do the opposite.absorbing heat during colder days to prevent frost from building in the windshield and dashboard as well as to give you a favorable interior temperature? Sun shades with such feature are a good buy because they come in handy all year round.

Durable yet lightweight construction

While your sun shade needs to be durable and ready for its daily battle against the sun, it has to be lightweight so as not to fall off the windshield when in use. So much as you want a thick shade, you have to make sure that it is light enough to be able to stick to the surface of the windshield for long hours.

Gentle on the windshield

It's also a plus if the part of the sun shade that gets in contact with the windshield is gentle on the glass. When in use, the shade will touch your windshield's surface for several hours. If the shade has a coarse or rough surface, it may leave unsightly scratches on the windshield.

Easy to use and store

No matter the type of shade you're thinking of purchasing.retractable or have to make sure that it is easy to install and use. It should also be easy to remove from the windshield and store. Think of where you are planning to store the shade. Will the space be able to accommodate a folding shade? Or will a rolled unit be more suitable to that small space?


The product's warranty is also something you should consider before shelling out any amount for your car parts as this is a sign of the manufacturer's confidence in their product. It tells you how long the merchant or the manufacturer expects the sun shade to last without incurring any damage. The warranty coverage for automotive sun shades ranges from the industry-standard 90-day warranty to the industry-leading lifetime warranty. However, you should always know what your warranty covers as you may just end up being fooled by some too-good-to be-true warranty coverage.