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Suzuki Grand Vitara Parts And Suzuki Grand Vitara Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Suzuki Grand Vitara parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Suzuki Grand Vitara to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Parts

Suzuki Grand Vitara Articles

  • A Closer Look at the Suzuki Grand Vitara ESP

    Through the years, Suzuki has toyed around with a lot of names to attribute to their vehicles. One of the models to share this experience is the Suzuki Grand Vitara. This particular compact SUV has been around since the late 1980s when the automaker decided to create a fun vehicle to drive around with. To ensure that the driver and passengers can have a worthwhile experience, improvements and innovations are integrated beyond engine performance. Vehicle handling is equally important whenever the Vitara is out on the road. To take care of it, the Electronic Stability Program is applied to the compact SUV.

    The concept behind the Electronic Stability Program

    Whenever a vehicle is driven on the road, it is exposed to different kinds of surfaces and environment. These factors all affect the way the wheels respond to the engine power and the maneuvers done by the driver. During unfavorable driving conditions, there is an increased possibility of encountering accidents if the driver is not able to compensate for the changes. Things like limited slip differentials and all-wheel drive systems were put into some vehicles to improve their traction on the road. But automakers soon realized that tinkering with electronic components can also work in the favor of the vehicle.

    The Electronic Stability Program is a technology crafted and owned by Daimler Chrysler AG. It works by integrating a network of sensors and other components to be able to assist the driver when making turns or going through loose road surfaces. The system is responsible for regulating the engine output and manipulating the brake operation once it detects loss of traction. The ESP is subdivided into three categories. The Stability Control System and Traction Control System manipulates engine and brake function when the sensors detect lost of traction. The Anti-Lock Braking System supports the effort by automatically control the brake pressure to prevent lock ups.

    Integrating the ESP to the Suzuki Vitara

    Suzuki is very much dedicated in making sure that people driving its vehicles benefit from a high safety standard. The Suzuki Vitara is designed to be a reliable compact SUV that can be enjoyed both on the city roads and country trails. By integrating the ESP to the vehicle, owners will have more confidence driving to wherever they wish to go to. And to add up, this system does not significantly affect the price tag of the Vitara. It is only a matter of time when this kind of feature is used in most, if not all, Suzuki models.

    Problems concerning the Suzuki Vitara ESP

    On the down side, some owners would eventually encounter issues concerning the Electronic Stability Program. Some of them noticed the ESP warning light coming out. This signals the owner that there is a fault within the system. This can possibly be solved by resetting it. Holding down the ESP button for 15 seconds while the engine is running will turn the system off. It will then be reactivated once the speed climbs up to about 15 mph. If this does not solve the issue, the vehicle should be taken for diagnosis with a specialist.