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Suzuki Samurai Parts And Suzuki Samurai Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Suzuki Samurai parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Suzuki Samurai to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Understanding the Fusible Link Issue in Your Suzuki Samurai

    Your Suzuki Samurai cannot run without its battery being in good shape. No matter how great the engine is, if your vehicle won\'t even start, then what\'s the point? Battery maintenance is not at all hard to do.keep an eye on the cables, ensure ample charge, and make sure that the battery and its components are free of corrosion. Unfortunately though, even with impeccable maintenance, battery life is only about 2-3 years, and then it\'s going to need a replacement already. But some batteries don\'t even get to 2 years, and one of the major causes for a battery\'s premature death would be a burned fusible link. If you\'re driving with a burned fusible link then the battery is discharging continuously up to the point wherein it\'s just going to die because of power drainage. So, what then causes the fusible link to burn up?

    Factors causing the fusible link to burn up

    Alternator issues and human error are among the common causes of this issue. The fusible link\'s purpose is to protect the vehicle from electrical damage when a dead short occurs. It is considered as the most reliable short-circuit protection for systems that handle large amount of current for long periods of time. When the alternator incurs bad or blown diodes, erratic spikes in the current would cause the fusible link to blow. When that happens, the alternator would fail to charge the battery, which in turn causes the battery to die.

    A wire shorting against the hard edge of the engine can also cause the fusible link to blow. So, one must be very careful in dealing with this; any error can spell disaster. If you\'ve removed the wire from its former routing and fasteners, then its current routing would mean that the wire is rubbing up against the hot surface all the time. If this continues to happen, then the surface would be slicing up the wire\'s insulation, which will ultimately end up in a short-circuit.

    Impending fusible link failure

    When a fusible link fails, it can either be sudden or gradually. If your electrical accessories are becoming sluggish or are showing odd behaviour and an unusual delay on the starter is observed, that means your fusible link is about to fail. You can try a jumpstart, but make sure that the clamps are not reversed. If the battery cables have already become tight and the jumpstart has done nothing, the fusible link has already failed and the next thing to do would be to have it replaced. Fusible links can be quite expensive, so you would want to make sure first that no other electrical problems are present; because if there is, then the new fusible link would fail just as easily.

    Proper fusible link wire replacement

    Once the fusible link has received too much heat during a dead short, it will burn out, separate, and kill the circuit. You\'ll have no choice but to replace it. Make sure that you get only the fusible link specific to your car make and model. Each set of fusible link has a definite gauge size and wire length crucial to its success in protecting the battery and the other components during a short. Otherwise, the fusible link will fail, and along with it, the battery and other electrical components of your car.