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Suzuki Sidekick Parts And Suzuki Sidekick Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Suzuki Sidekick parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Suzuki Sidekick to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Suzuki Sidekick Parts

Suzuki Sidekick Articles

  • Accessing the Engine of the Suzuki Sidekick

    The Suzuki Sidekick has a lot to offer despite its diminutive appearance. The compact SUV is already closing in on its 3rd decade of service in the motoring world. It started out as a modest ride trying to break through the US market in the late \'80s. As the \'90s came, the Sidekick got better engine options to power it up for different tasks. The model continued to evolve generation after generation. For owners and enthusiasts, it would be very interesting to get a look at the engine. But it might take some getting to used to before one can flawlessly open the hood of the Suzuki Sidekick.

    What to expect under the hood

    The engine of the Suzuki Sidekick is mounted at the front just like how most conventional vehicles are designed. Through the years, this SUV is benefitted from different engines ranging from small-displacement inline fours to more capable V6 blocks. These are designed to provide the best outputs for the intended applications of the vehicle. Regularly inspecting the engine allows the owner to gauge its condition and prepare for tune-ups.

    How to locate the hood release

    Vehicles are usually equipped with a hood release mechanism located inside the cabin. This allows the driver to have remote access to the engine. By placing the switch inside, the engine can be safeguarded and only individuals who can get in the vehicle are the only ones who can pop up the hood. But the location of the hood release in the Suzuki Sidekick is a little bit unconventional. People might have gotten used to flicking the switch from a place somewhere below the steering column. This provides the easiest access for the driver.

    What Suzuki did instead is to place the mechanism inside the glove box. The automaker has not revealed why it was placed as such. But it could have been made that way to save space inside. So from the driver\'s seat, the owner might have to extend the arm just a little bit more to be able to reach it. As the glove box is opened, the driver should try to feel the hood release just at the top. Once identified, flicking the lever should be a breeze.

    How to open the hood properly

    Accessing the engine bay of the Suzuki Sidekick should be done every once in a while. It would be very weird if an owner enjoys the vehicle without even spending a little bit of time to appreciate what is under the hood. Doing so is actually straightforward now that the location of the hood release has already been identified. The owner would have to pull the lever inside the glove box to pop the hood halfway. Then the person would have to go out the vehicle and approach the hood. Underneath the panel, the hood lock should be pushed sideways to fully release the hook. While holding the mechanism, the hood should be pushed up. Once it has been fully opened, the support rod should be mounted on the provision to hold the hood up.