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You use your trailer to carry around your stuff whenever you travel. However, you can't just carry a trailer without wiring it to make its lighting components work. If the lights of the trailer don't work, not only will it be against the law, but it's also very dangerous.for you and other motorists and pedestrians that you share the road with. Driving a trailer without working lights is especially dangerous at night. And if you're going to travel in rural, dim-lit areas, this further heightens your chances of getting into an accident. So, if you don't want to get pulled over or get into trouble, you'd better wire your trailer ASAP. An easy way to do this is by using a T connector. This component will make wiring the trailer extremely easy, and you'll be done with the job in a flash. To know more about this accessory, here's a quick and general guide that can help you out.

T Connectors Features and Benefits

Below are some of the things that you'll experience as soon as you find the right connector for your vehicle.

  • Easy to use
  • T connectors are probably the easiest way to connect your trailer to your vehicle. By wiring these two together, the running, turn, and brake lights of the trailer will work and make your drives safer.

  • Convenient
  • T connectors offer the ease and convenience of a plug-in style component, making it easy to attach and detach anytime you want. So if your trailer is not in use, you won't have to fret over how hard it is to remove the connections. The connector will also fit seamlessly into your ride as they merge the wirings of the vehicle and the trailer while maintaining its factory look.

  • Direct fit
  • A direct fit connector should be easy to attach to the rear of the vehicle.usually near the taillights. Direct fit connectors do not require any cutting, splicing, or tapping done making the job quick and easy.

Installing T Connectors

Here's a general guide that will teach you about the basics of installing a T connector on your vehicle. Note that some of the steps may vary, depending on what car you have.

Step 1: To begin, open the rear hatch or trunk and then remove the storage area, cover, rubber mat, and spare tie cover in it.

Step 2: Once you've removed those items, use a socket remover to take the D rings of using a socket and remove the fascia panels as well.

Step 3: After that, get a pry tool and use it to pull back the driver's side of the interior door panel. Then, separate the trim panel in the rear and then slowly make your forward.

Step 4: Then, plug the t connector to your car's harness connector, making sure that they are locked in and that you don't damage the component in the process.

Step 5: Next, position the T connectors behind the trim panel or find an ideal location. Lastly, test the component to see if works.