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Tail Light Circuit Board

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You can probably say that the circuit board is the heart and soul of a tail light. If this board fails, then the tail light won't come to life, blink, and shine bright. After all, this mechanism activates the various tail light functions. If the circuit board is broken, you shouldn't take your vehicle out on the road. Don't risk driving with a busted tail light because you may get pulled over by a traffic cop and served a ticket for the violation. Or worse, you may get into an accident caused by faulty lighting. Replace a damaged tail light circuit board at once. Here are some tips to consider:

Getting a new tail light circuit board

  • The new tail light circuit board should match the specs of your vehicle's tail light system. Look for a direct-fit or OE-comparable replacement for the factory-installed tail light mechanism.
  • The circuit board should meet the lighting requirements of the vehicle as well as the factory quality standards. It should fit perfectly and should work as expected, restoring the full functionality of the affected tail light.
  • It should be made from premium-quality materials and manufactured to high standards to guarantee long-term service. Get one with a good warranty.

Installing a new tail light circuit board

You'll need a flathead screwdriver and Phillips-head screwdriver for this.

  • Turn off the light switch before you remove the tail lights to avoid short circuits and grounds on the tail light system.
  • Pull out the screws on the top and bottom of the tail lights with a screwdriver. Carefully remove the lenses and gaskets on each one.
  • Locate the wires of the tail lights as you open the trunk of the vehicle. Look for a wiring harness that's plugged into the tail light circuit board. You then have to disengage the wires from the base of the lamp and tug them towards the trunk. After this, detach the wiring connector so that you can remove the tail lights, as well as the circuit board.
  • Reconnect the wiring harness from inside the trunk. Set the new circuit board in place. Hold it and then press it down until it's properly secured in its location.
  • Put back the rubber gaskets and lenses. Lock them in using the top and bottom screws that you had to remove earlier. Make sure that the wiring connector is well hidden in place.
  • Turn on the tail lights to see if the installation of a new circuit board is done properly. Switch on the parking lights, brake lights, and rear signals. If the tail lights don't work, retrace the steps. See if all components are properly connected. Check the new circuit board and make sure that it's set in proper place.

Replacing the old circuit board is fairly easy. The job will not take too long to finish and will require only the basic hand tools. If the vehicle appears to have a more complex tail light system, you have to check the vehicle manual for reference.