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Your pickup truck can be one helluva work machine. It can tackle rough terrains and mountains and survive the off roads. It can haul tons of cargo across the border or state, travelling hundreds of miles. With a spacious cargo bed, you can pack your fishing gear, bicycle, kayak, sports equipment, building materials and tools, or even your camping essentials with no trouble at all. Cargos of all shapes and sizes can be easily loaded and unloaded through the tailgate.

The tailgate doesn't break that easily, but when it does, this can be very inconvenient. It can get stuck, making it hard for you to unload your stuff, or it can fall off when some of its fasteners and attachments become washed up. When the tailgate hinge is shot, you'll have to remove the tailgate to make sure it won't fly off while the vehicle is running at high speed. You also can't risk putting some stuff on the cargo bed as they may come tumbling down the road when the tailgate suddenly breaks wide open.

You can buy an instant replacement to the hinge and you can replace this in a matter of minutes. Here's how:

Tips when buying a new tailgate hinge

  • Look for a hinge that's already pre-drilled. The last thing you want to do when installing a new hinge to the tailgate is to drill some holes and bother with other modifications just to make sure that this will fit. The hinge should be ready for direct should come with all the needed hardware and pieces for both sides (truck bed and tailgate).
  • Get a hinge that's specific to the requirements of your truck. The hinge should be specifically designed for the truck's tailgate so that it will bolt straight to the tailgate through the existing holes.
  • Search for a hinge that's made from high-standard materials. High-quality hinges may be manufactured from durable stainless steel and may be zinc plated to resist corrosion. These hinges can withstand impact and usual harsh elements on the road such as dust, salt, dirt, mud, sludge, heat, moisture, and cold.

Steps on installing a new tailgate hinge

Note: The steps for installing a tailgate hinge may vary depending on the truck's tailgate design. In some models, the hinge is secured to the truck with screws.

Step 1: With the truck parked on a flat surface and with the parking brake on and the engine turned off, open the truck's tailgate. Have someone else help you hold the tailgate as you work on removing the old hinge.

Step 2: Using the right tools, remove the fasteners and attachments on the broken hinge. With a screwdriver, remove the screws that hold the hinge in place. For the bolts, use a socket wrench. Depending on the truck, you may also have to disconnect the links and striker plates from both sides of the tailgate.

Step 3: After removing several attachments and fasteners, detach the tailgate and then pull off the tailgate hinge.

Step 4: Fit the new hinge to the tailgate. Once fixed in place, reinstall the screws to secure it. Reattach the bolts, as well as the links and striker plate (if the tailgate hinge comes with these attachments).

Step 5: Check if the tailgate opens and closes easily to make sure that the hinge is properly installed. If not, inspect the attachments between the tailgate and the hinge.