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Well, we just have to admit it.not everyone gets to hop on the truck's cargo bed easily. There are times when some of us probably feel like our pants are about to get ripped while climbing through the pickup truck's rear to load and unload some cargo. Good thing there's no need to put up with this inconvenience that can put a lot of stress on the knees and the back. There's a tailgate ladder available to make it easier to get in and out of the cargo bed. This ladder is attached to the tailgate or hitch. When not in use, the ladder can be easily folded away and stored neatly against the tailgate. It won't get in the way.

Now, if you're out to buy a ladder for the tailgate, here are some things you have to consider:

Easy access to the bed of the truck

The size (length) of the tailgate ladder should match the tailgate height of the truck. It should give you convenient access to the truck bed without much trouble. Some universal fit ladders can be extended to fit midsize and full size pickup trucks. Their height may range from 28 to 42 inches, making it easy for you to set up and adjust the ladder.

Safe and quick setup

The ladder should have a solid base to support the weight and keep things steady as you climb up and down the steps. Check the functional weight capacity to be sure. Some options support as much as 250 to 300 lbs. In some ladders, a rocking linkage is used to keep them stable. The tailgate ladder should not only be easy to adjust but also convenient to set up. Some designs can be bolted to the tailgate instantly. You'd also want a ladder that can be deployed in a few seconds, something that can be attached and removed easily when needed. Storage should be hassle free as well. It should be folded away or tucked into position with a closed tailgate. It shouldn't take much cargo space and should be out of the way.


Choose a durable tailgate ladder. Aside from having a solid base, it should also be made from a high-grade material such as steel. The ladder should not rust or deteriorate easily. It should also have a stable ground support. Powdercoat finish provides protection against UV rays and other harsh weather elements. Look for a ladder that comes with a good manufacturer warranty.coverage can be as long as one year.for some quality assurance.

Take note of these specs when browsing through your options:

  • Size (width, length, height)
  • Material
  • Functional weight capacity
  • Fit (adjustable height range)
  • Practical features

More tips

  • Make sure that the ladder you'll buy comes with instructions, either through a manual or a website video.
  • Check the accessories that can be used with the tailgate ladder, such as tie down straps.
  • Shop around for the best prices from different brands and various sellers that offer discounts and deals.