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Riding a motorcycle to get around the city can be very get to skip traffic, you can pass through narrow alleys, and you can get to your destination in a shorter time. However, when you need to carry some stuff with you, bringing them along in your motorcycle can be cumbersome. And if carrying a backpack around isn't your atyle, then you might find a tank bag quite handy. Tank bags are storage bins that you can install on the tank of your bike. They are designed to protect and carry your important items and belongings like phones, wallets, food, water, maps, etc. They come in different forms, sizes, and colors, so you need to choose one that best fits your needs. Here's a short guide about tank bags that will help you know more.

Types of Motorcycle Fuel Tanks

There are two types of tanks installed in motorcycles today.metallic and non-metallic. Knowing what you have in your bike is important in order for you to choose the right bag for your ride. Magnetic tank bags will definitely fit metallic tanks. However, if you have aenon-metallic tank, you ahould stick to strap-on bags for security.

Tank Bag Installation

Step 1: To begin, position the bag on top of your motorcycle's fuel tank, avoiding the gas cap as much as you can. This is to avoid having to remove the bag every time you need to make a fuel stop.

Step 2: Next, find the straps and hooks or magnets of the bag and see if you can attach these on the lower part of the fuel tank or on the frame located in front or under the tank.attach the straps wherever it is most convenient. Note that if the tank bag is attached using straps and hooks, it usually is secured by four connecting points. On the other hand, if the bag uses magnets for attachment, the bag may have two or no straps at all.

Step 3: As soon as you find the most convenient location to attach the straps.whether it's the tank or the frame of the bike, connect them to secure the bag in place. Make sure it has a snug fit to prevent the bag from falling off at all cost.

Riding with a Tank Bag

  • Before riding your motorcycle, check if the bag impairs your controls over the bike. For instance, if it blocks your view or interferes with your ride, you'd better not use it at all.
  • Before riding off, make sure that the bag is securely attached to your fuel tank to avoid any accidents. You also need to close all pockets and zippers to prevent losing your valuables.
  • If you frequently ride in areas with harsh weather, it would be best to get bags that are equipped with extra protection like storm shields to prevent molds and mildew from forming on the bag.
  • To stay on the safe side, don't use any harsh chemicals when cleaning a tank bag. Instead, you can use warm water and a soft brush.