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Third Brake Light Cover

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The third brake light can protect you from rear-end collision. Since it's mounted right at the center or high enough to be seen by other motorists, it helps other drivers keep a safe distance as you stop your vehicle. This brake light, in turn, can be best protected from dirt, moisture, and other harmful elements on the road with a cover. The third brake light cover not only serves as a protective casing but may also be used as an accent to the car, truck, or SUV. With its many designs and available finishes, the cover can definitely be a great accent, improving the overall style or appearance of the vehicle.

If you're looking for a good cover for the third brake light, consider all these:

What are the different types of finish available for the third brake light cover?

Chrome covers are popular options. But other than these, you may find covers that are polished or brushed. Some covers may also be designed with a paintable black surface. When choosing a finish, consider the style and color of the vehicle. Find a brake light accessory that will complement or enhance the look of the exterior.

What are some of the more popular cover design options to consider?

Some covers are designed with a brand name, team logo, or state written across the plastic or billet aluminum. Other popular covers include bow tie, bomb, flame, lightning, French cut, blast, and multiple-circle designs. You also have the option to customize the third brake light cover to create the style or look that you have in mind. When choosing a particular design, consider the type of vehicle that you drive, whether it's a sports car, a sedan, an SUV, or a pickup truck, to make sure that the cover complements the design and size of the vehicle. The color of the car is another important consideration in picking the right cover.

What are the covers made of?

A third brake light cover may be manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is durable and reliable. Another option is vacuum formed or ABS plastic, which is light and may come with a smooth paintable surface. Both materials don't corrode or rust and come in various designs and patterns.

What are the features to look for in a good cover?

A good cover won't require you to drill or modify anything just to fit the third brake light. The right cover will easily line up with the existing holes on the brake light and fit directly using factory hardware. Some covers can be attached using adhesive tape, with a peel-and-stick design. The cover should be sturdy enough to protect the brake light not only from dirt and moisture but also from impacts and objects. Also try to look for a good warranty. Some covers come with a 90-day to a 1-year warranty coverage.

How much do these covers cost?

Third brake light covers may cost from a little over 30USD to as much as 130USD, depending on the design, type of vehicle, material, brand, and other features. A customized third brake light cover can be more expensive.