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Timken Brand Articles

  • Timken: More than a Century of Specializing in Bearings and Transmission Components

    Timken has been specializing in the design and development of bearings ever since it was established more than one hundred years ago. Over the years, the company has experienced immense growth with its product offerings and manufacturing capabilities. With product excellence and teamwork as the core values behind everything that it does, Timken successfully became one of the pioneers in the automotive parts industry, and it has maintained this success through continuous product innovation and top-notch customer service.

    Humble beginnings

    Timken\'s humble success story started 117 years ago when its founder, Henry Timken, aimed to make freight wagons work quickly and more efficiently. In an effort to achieve this goal, Henry Timken created cutting-edge tapered roller bearings and installed them on heavy freight wagons. With the help of these ingenious components, it became easier for wagon operators to maneuver their heavy loads even through sharp turns. Seeing the potential benefits of these components in different vehicle applications, Timken decided to focus in their production and later established the Timken Roller Bearing and Axle Company with his sons. The company\'s quick rise to fame was brought about by the consistent quality and reliability of its products as well as its commitment to deliver customer satisfaction.

    Timken now employs more than 14,000 skilled professionals behind its manufacturing facilities in 29 countries. Its years of expertise in the industry have allowed it to refine its manufacturing capabilities. In an effort to keep up with strict industrial standards, the company also utilized advanced production technologies and high-quality materials to ensure the integrity of every product that comes out of its doors.

    Formula for success

    The commitment to improve the automotive industry through innovative and high-quality bearings and transmission components have been the primary guiding principle of Timken ever since it was established in 1899. The company combined this dedication with its commendable production skills in order to manufacture vehicle components that possess an outstanding quality. The company also offers remanufacturing and repair services to its customers to fully cover their different needs. The obvious dedication that Timken integrates into every step of its advanced manufacturing process proved to be the primary factor that led to its century of success.

    Timken brands and product lines

    By consistently introducing new products into its portfolio, Timken managed to become one of the companies that offer the widest range of vehicle components for various automobile applications. Its product catalog includes different types of seals, wheel hubs, bearings, sleeves, and bushings. With the goal of fulfilling the specific demands of every car enthusiast, the company marketed these components under numerous brands.

    The Quick-Flex® brand is just one of the company\'s most renowned product lineups. This brand is Timken\'s line of elastomeric couplings that are extremely durable against tough operating conditions. The hard-wearing characteristics of these components also eliminate the need for constant maintenance procedures.

    Timken also produces a wide array of bearings for high-performance applications, and these components are marketed under the company\'s DuraSpexx® brand. Made from high-quality materials, the DuraSpexx® bearings are guaranteed to deliver a reliable performance even against harsh working environments.

    The PINION-PAC. is another brand that carries Timken\'s high-quality tapered roller bearing units. The components under this brand feature a compact design and a tighter tolerance, which results in an improved gear reliability, longevity, and overall performance.