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When travelling for long hours or from one border to another, it's great to have a portable toilet in your RV. It's pretty much the same as the one in your house, expect sewage is collected through a black water tank. In using a portable toilet in your motorhome, some things must be kept in mind to make sure that this is used properly and is kept clean at all times.

Dispose of waste collected in the black water tank the right way.

  • Empty the black water tank properly. First, see to it that the sewer hose is sealed to the RV and the sewer. You also have to check if the gray water tank, the one that stores water from the sink and shower, is shut. Once everything checks out, you can finally open the black water tank to drain its waste into the sewer. Remember to wear gloves and to close the empty tank afterwards. After you close the tank, you can now open the gray water tank so that this can fully drain into the sewer.
  • Keep the black water tank closed until it's about three-quarters full so that the chemicals can break down the toilet paper and waste flushed in the toilet. A tank that's almost full is also easier to empty because of the quicker flow to the sewer hoses.
  • Close the gray water tank a day or two before the black water tank will be drained or emptied. This will help in flushing sewage from the black water tank out of the sewer hoses more easily. In effect, this can clean out the hoses and even minimize toilet odor, if not totally get rid of smell.
  • Flush out the black water tank with water if it reeks or if it's filled with dirt. If this doesn't clean out the tank, you may have to use a special chemical or solution used for tank cleaning.

Keep your toilet smelling clean or free from nasty odors.

  • You may use specially made RV toilet chemicals to get rid of sewage odors. This solution is meant to break down the sewage, including toilet paper. The breakdown of the sewage makes it easier for you to dispose of waste collected in the black water tank. These chemicals can be ordered online or in RV stores. They come in various forms such as liquid, powder, and in a packet. Basically, they all do the same thing. Choose whatever you're most comfortable using. Check the labels for directions and to see how much of the solution you're expected to use. Usually, you just have to pour the chemicals into the bowl and flush it with enough water.

Watch out what you throw into the toilet and what you use for cleaning it.

  • Avoid clogging caused by throwing paper towels, feminine pads, and other stuff that can't be broken down by chemicals. You'll only cause plumbing system problems if you flush these into the black water tank.
  • Don't use just any tissue paper that you can find. Make sure that it's safe for the septic tank and designed for an RV toilet. This type is meant to break down more quickly than the regular kind, the one typically used at home. By using the right type, you can prevent clogging.
  • Buy cleaners that are specifically designed for RV toilet bowls, as some cleaning solutions may be too harsh. They may crack the seals in the plumbing system and even cause leaks. These cleaners can be purchased from RV specialty stores or can be ordered online.